Engine and drive system: Efficiency and temperament

Jun 3, 2016

Powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engines with ECO start/stop function and an extensive 4MATIC range make for sporty performance and driving pleasure all year round. All are compliant with the Euro 6 emission standard.

Eight petrol engines are available for the Cabriolet. The range of outputs extends from the 1.6-litre four-cylinder unit in the C 180 rated at 115 kW (156 hp) to the 4.0-litre six-cylinder engine in the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Cabriolet (375 kW/510 hp). 4MATIC all-wheel drive is standard for the C 400 and C 43, and is optionally available for the C 200.

All four-cylinder engines share the third-generation direct injection system with spray-guided combustion. The system pressure is up to 200 bar with the pressure being variably optimised in line with the engine mapping. Piezo injectors enable optimal mixture formation with up to five injections per power stroke.

This technology is supplemented with the rapid multi-spark ignition (MSI), which is able to trigger up to four sparks per millisecond as required. The interplay of both technologies allows outstanding fuel utilisation with low emissions.

The thermal management with a controlled water pump is also efficient:

The diesel models are powered by a four-cylinder engine delivering 125 kW (170 hp) in the C 220 d or 150 kW (204 hp) in the C 250 d, and are equipped with SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for exhaust aftertreatment. 4MATIC is available for the C 220 d.

Optimised powertrain for more comfort and efficiency

As standard the C 180, C 200 and C 220 d are equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, while the C 250, C 300, C 250 d and in 4MATIC variants have the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission with DIRECT SELECT lever and DIRECT SELECT shift paddles. On request this is also available for all other engine variants.

The 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission supports both a dynamic and a fuel-saving driving style. Its advantages:

  • fast, almost imperceptible gear changes and a very high level of ride comfort
  • thanks to the wide ratio spread, it is possible to drive in a powerful and efficient engine speed range in all situations
  • harmonious gear increments and a wide ratio spread from 9.15, enhancing drive comfort and significantly improving the translation of engine output into traction
  • very short shift and response times
  • very good noise and vibration characteristics thanks to lower engine speeds
  • gear changes possible across several ratios