Design: Sheer passion for design

Mar 10, 2017

The design of the new E-Class Coupé exudes modernity and luxury, reflecting the values of the premium brand.

The new E-Class Coupé shows a further development of the Mercedes-Benz design idiom with its puristic, surface-accentuating design, reduced lines and sensuous forms. Its design systematically follows the principle of sensuous clarity, presenting the Coupé as an aesthetically pleasing and modern work of art. Both hot and cool, it exudes luxury and elegance while underscoring its sporty personality.

Athletic dynamism with perfect proportions

In its basic form the E-Coupé has the proportions of a sporty coupé. A striking front section with a low sports grille and central Mercedes star merges into a long bonnet with powerdomes, emphasising the sporty nature of the Coupé. This in turn merges with the flat greenhouse, which is set well back. The stretched, dynamic look of the greenhouse is underlined by frameless side windows and the absence of a continuous B-pillar. This visually extends the window line, and lets the greenhouse flow powerfully into the muscular rear end. A high beltline delineated in polished anodised aluminium emphasises the sporty appearance.

The puristic design philosophy with reduced lines characterises the sensuous side surfaces. Only a gradually rising balance line structures the side wall and door. All the radii and details are carefully balanced, emphasising the high quality and exclusivity of this model. With these clear forms, the design of the Coupé conveys an air of luxury and modernity alike.

As on all Mercedes-Benz sports cars, the mirror bases are mounted on the waistline of the E-Class Coupé.

The Coupé is fitted with 17-inch wheels as standard, with wheel sizes up to 20 inches available as an alternative.

Striking front section

The central feature of the front section is the single-louvred diamond grille with an integrated central star and dots in high-gloss black (chromed dots for AMG Line). A dynamic bumper with a chromed front wing and width-emphasising air inlet with a diamond-pattern mesh rounds off the front end.

The intelligent technology of the new E-Class Coupé is also reflected in the headlamps. The daytime driving lamps take the form of a double eyebrow as a characteristic light signature. The E-Class Coupé is already equipped with LED high-performance headlamps in its basic version. High-resolution MULTIBEAM LED headlamps are available as an alternative. These each use 84 individually controlled high-performance LED modules to illuminate the road surface automatically with an extremely bright and precisely directed beam of light, without dazzling other road users. That is because this grid allows the light distribution of the left and right headlamps to be controlled separately and adapted to the changing situation on the road quickly and dynamically.

Muscular rear end

The rear end is dominated by an extended, sensuously sculpted and muscle-like shoulder above each wheel arch. Extremely flat, two-part rear lights with LED technology, a typical feature of coupé models, plus separate reflectors, create an impression of width and ensure maximum differentiation from the Saloon. In conjunction with MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, a welcoming function celebrates its world debut in the striking rear lights. When the vehicle is opened, the taillight LEDs illuminate successively from the centre of the vehicle outwards. On locking the vehicle, the light sequence runs in the opposite direction. Both are additionally combined with an up and down dimming feature. This rear light show welcomes and says goodbye to the vehicle user. It is controlled by a microprocessor housed in the rear light.

The tail lamps also have a brilliant appearance reminiscent of the glow of a jet engine. This crystal effect is achieved by reflector technology with a special surface structure.

Beautiful and functional: optimal aerodynamics

The emotive design of the new E-Class Coupé also impresses with functional qualities. With a Cd figure of 0.25 it has the best aerodynamics in its segment, for example. This puts it at the same level as its already aerodynamically outstanding predecessor – despite a much larger front cross-section and larger wheels. With respect to aerodynamic lift, the new E-Class Coupé even falls below the extremely good level of its predecessor. The low rear axle lift coefficient (cAH) of 0.07 provides a safe and comfortable driving impression, especially at high speeds.