A 160 CDI and B 200 CDI: Mercedes-Benz is awarded the prestigious Car Environment Certificate

Mar 13, 2007
The internationally renowned environmental institute Öko Trend has awarded its Car Environment Certificate to two Mercedes Benz models. Both the A 160 CDI and the B 200 CDI manufactured by the Stuttgart brand achieved top marks during an extensive and critical analysis by specialists at the independent institute.
The two Mercedes-Benz models concerned achieved well-above-average results in all areas. In the view of the institute, they not only achieve excellent values with respect to fuel consumption and exhaust/noise emissions, but also excel by virtue of environmentally friendly production, materials and logistics.
The Öko-Trend institute was full of praise for these impressive results: "The Mercedes A 160 CDI may be seen as one of the most eco-friendly vehicles with a conventional drive system," the experts found. "The development phase for this compact car was already based on a comprehensive environmental concept which takes the entire lifecycle of the vehicle into consideration. Numerous specific measures have reduced emissions during the production and operation of the new A-Class by approximately 17 percent compared to the preceding model. All in all, Mercedes has set new ecological standards for conventionally powered vehicles with the new A-Class." The A 160 CDI consumes 4.9 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, which corresponds to a CO2 value of 128 grams.
According to the findings of Öko-Trend, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class is distinguished by "a high degree of variability and spaciousness, as well as convincing environmental credentials". The Öko-Trend institute had special praise for the power unit of the B 200 CDI: "The 140-hp diesel engine is equipped with a particulate filter as standard. Thanks to a high torque of 300 Nm, which is already available from 1600 rpm, this engine allows a relaxed style of driving and early upshifts. A fuel consumption of six litres per 100 km is feasible in practice. All in all, therefore, the Mercedes B 200 CDI achieves a very good environmental rating." The institute also emphasised the high ecological standards that generally apply at Mercedes-Benz.
The "Öko-Trend Institute for Environmental Research" founded by the Bergische University of Wuppertal has been publishing research reports about the eco-friendliness of car models since 1997. Last year the environmental specialists at this financially independent and neutral institute expanded their analytical activities, and began to issue their internationally renowned Öko-Trend Car Environment Certificate, which is only awarded to vehicles which meet particularly high environmental standards. In making their assessment, the specialists take not only vehicle-specific criteria such as fuel consumption and exhaust/noise emissions into account, but also environmental parameters relating to production, logistics, recyclability and the manufacturer’s environmental management systems. The certificate is only awarded to vehicles which achieve at least 90 percent of the maximum score in all assessment criteria.
To date only 15 car models worldwide have been awarded the Certificate, among them the recently certificated Mercedes-Benz model A 160 CDI in the compact class and the B 200 CDI in the compact van class.