AMG Performance Media: Internet plus telemetrics as in motor racing

Sep 22, 2011
  • Lateral and linear acceleration data as in Formula 1
  • Display of engine output, torque and accelerator position
  • Storage and recording function for personal analyses
  • Integration of RACE START mode
  • High-speed internet connectivity as with a smartphone
  • System uses the high-resolution colour display of COMAND APS
Informative, distinctive and unique: the new AMG Performance Media combines numerous telemetric displays such as various engine data, lateral and linear acceleration, lap times with high-speed mobile internet connectivity. Many of the functions of AMG Performance Media were inspired by motor racing. This outstanding optional system developed by Mercedes-AMG is celebrating its debut in the SLS AMG Roadster and Coupé, and will also be a feature of other AMG high-performance cars in the future.
Key functions at a glance:
  • Real-time display of lateral and linear acceleration combined with braking performance and accelerator position, including memory function
  • Recording of individual lap times on a closed-off racetrack, with sector times and memory function
  • Integration of Drive Unit functions to save setup data to memory and initiate RACE START
  • Real-time display of acceleration time from 0-100 km/h (alternatively: quarter-mile)
  • Real-time display of engine oil, coolant and transmission fluid temperature
  • Real-time display of engine output, torque and accelerator position
  • Real-time display of individual tyre pressures
AMG Performance Media is activated by pressing the AMG key in the AMG DRIVE UNIT, and operated with the COMAND Controller. All functions are visible on the high-resolution 17.8-centimetre colour display of the standard COMAND APS multimedia system. Numerous items of information which are otherwise integrated into the AMG menu in the central display are now to be found in graphic form in AMG Performance Media – e.g. the tyre pressure display, the active transmission mode, the ESP® mode, the suspension setup and the engine oil/coolant/transmission oil temperatures.
The upper menu bar offers a choice of "Data", "Race" and "Setup", while the lower bar offers further choices such as "Temp", "Power" and "Tyres". When the desired sub-menu has been selected, the menu bars disappear and the display fills the entire screen. Three displays always appear at the same time, the most important information being displayed in the centre. Simulated digital dial instrument with red needles ensure outstanding legibility. The vehicle is configured using the "Setup" menu – storing e.g. the transmission mode or the ESP® mode: the active setup appears on the left, an individually configurable setup in the centre and RACE START mode on the right.
Real-time "Power" display: engine output and torque
Sheer excitement is guaranteed by the "Power" display: depending on the accelerator position shown on the right, the central dial instrument shows the current engine output in hp while the scale on the left indicates the current torque in newton metres – in this way AMG Performance Media delivers full, visual proof of the high performance of which the SLS AMG Roadster is capable. In the "Temp" menu the engine oil temperature is shown in the centre, flanked by the coolant temperature (left) and the transmission oil temperature (right). The tyre pressure display shows a stylised SLS AMG and the respective tyre pressures.
"Race" mode: G-Meter visualises high driving dynamics
In "Race" mode the so-called G-Meter appears in the centre, showing the driver the current lateral and linear acceleration. The left and right displays show the current brake pressure and the accelerator position, each as a percentage. The G-Meter enables the driver to monitor the high driving dynamics of the SLS AMG Roadster. Depending on the driving situation, the red dot moves forwards, backwards, to the left or right. Three circles in the dial instrument show a graduation of the current G-forces from 0.5 g and 1.0 g to 1.5 g. Motorsport fans will be familiar with this display from TV reporting of Formula 1 events.
A grey bar shows the maximum acceleration rates achieved since the last reset. In the "History" function the driver can call up a display of the lateral and linear acceleration figures for the last ten minutes. The time of day, steering angle in degrees and vehicle speed are also stored in memory. A screenshot showing the figures is also available, and this can be saved to an external memory via a USB interface.
"Track" menu: personal race engineer on board
An even greater motor sports feeling is provided by the "Track" menu. This mode not only offers various recording possibilities, for example individual lap times on a closed race circuit, but also sector times including an analysis and memory function. In short: "Track" mode places a personal race engineer on board the SLS AMG Roadster, who is able to help the competitive driver to make continuous improvements to their personal racetrack performance.
Not only the respective lap times are therefore displayed, but also the difference from the fastest lap time. And this is not all: all individual figures such as brake pressure, accelerator position, lateral and linear acceleration can be separately displayed for each lap when in Parameter mode. In conjunction with the individually selectable sector times, the driver is able to see at a glance where his improvement potentials lie.
The matrix display allows up to five laps to be compared. AMG Performance Media saves the absolved racing laps to memory. The driver is able to decide which laps to display. The fastest lap time is shown in green, and the best and worst individual figures in green and red respectively.
The relevant circuit layout is shown graphically, with the Nürburgring North Loop and Hockenheimring in Baden-Württemberg integrated ex factory. New circuits can be individually absolved, named and stored in memory. Lap times and data recorded in Track mode can be saved to a USB stick, enabling the data to be reloaded into the system at a later time, or analysed on the PC at home.
RACE START mode: faster and more convenient than before
RACE START mode is a further function, and its activation is faster and more convenient in conjunction with AMG Performance Media. After selection using the COMAND Controller, a bar chart shows the driver the necessary braking pressure. The driver then only needs to pull the shift paddle in the "Up" direction once to confirm the RACE START function, fully depress the accelerator and release the brakes. Manual pre-selection using the rotary transmission control is unnecessary, as is activation of ESP® SPORT Handling mode.
High-speed mobile internet access
In addition to all the telemetric displays derived from motor sports, AMG Performance Media provides fully-fledged, mobile high-speed internet access: when the car is stationary, the driver and passenger are able to surf the web and install apps. This unique system therefore offers functions similar to those of a smartphone. AMG Performance Media uses the widely used, highly capable Android operating system. Depending on availability, AMG Performance Media uses HSDPA/UMTS and EDGE/GPRS as data services. The precondition for the internet functions is a mobile phone contract with a data option. Internet navigation is via the COMAND Controller, which also allows a cursor mode. No internet sites can be displayed while the car is on the move.
InCar hotspot with WLAN function
The InCar hotspot is yet another function: WLAN-capable devices such as netbooks, laptops, smartphones or MP3 players can be connected to AMG Performance Media to allow wireless internet surfing – also of course while on the move in the passenger's case. Connection of the device is fast and convenient, as with the Bluetooth function.
Install and use apps during a journey
AMG Performance Media also allows apps to be installed, with access using the menu item "Apps". For installation, apps can be downloaded from the internet via the system browser or alternatively using a computer. For this purpose the system has an interface housed in the glove compartment to which a USB stick can be connected. Use of the apps is possible while on the move if the predefined Drive Mode is supported. Apps which do not allow vehicle-compatible display are hidden when the car is on the move. There is audio reproduction in the background.