Sep 5, 2021

The three ENERGIZING NATURE programs Forest Glade, Sounds of the Sea and Summer Rain offer an immersive, i.e. impressively realistic sound experience in the vehicle. These calming sounds were created in consultation with the acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton. As with the other ENERGIZING COMFORT programs, other senses are addressed with lighting moods and images. The short sleep program during a break includes extended indoor conditioning: it closes the roller blind of the panoramic sliding sunroof (optional extra) and moves the driver's seat into the reclined position. This creates an atmosphere that is conducive to sleeping. The power nap can increase the driver's performance and give them new energy.

The ENERGIZING NATURE programs at a glance:

  • Forest Glade: can help to escape the noisy daily routine and boost concentration. Birdsong, rustling leaves and a gentle breeze create a feel-good ambience. The program is rounded off by warm music soundscapes and subtle fragrancing.
  • Sounds of the Sea: can have a positive and relaxing effect through the combination of soft music soundscapes, wave sounds and seagull sounds. Warms or cools with the soothingly slow rhythm of ocean waves, combined with gusts of air from the air conditioning.
  • Summer Rain: can serve as an acoustic oasis in noisy traffic, cooling and calming with sounds of raindrops on leafy canopies, distant thunder, pattering rain and ambient music soundscapes.

The sounds are based on the audio library "Quiet Planet", which the nature acoustician Gordon Hempton has created over the years. The Mercedes-Benz sound design department has arranged the sounds into ten-minute pieces and mixed them for the in-car experience. Individual musical compositions enhance the overall impression of the sounds of nature and their calming effect.

Power Nap: short recovery program for the driver during a break

During a break in the journey, e.g. at a service area or charging station, the Power Nap program can be selected. The program has three phases - falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up - and can increase the driver's performance and give them new energy. The short sleep program during a break includes extended indoor conditioning: the EQE ensures a sleep-promoting atmosphere by moving the driver's seat into a reclined position, closing the side windows and roller blinds, activating the ionisation of the fresh and recirculating air and adjusting the ambient lighting accordingly. Soothing sounds and the depiction of a starry sky on the central display support falling asleep - if Power Nap has been started for the front passenger seat, this also appears on the front passenger display.

The pre-programmed wake-up phase is accompanied by a pleasantly activating soundscape, appropriate fragrancing and briefly activated, discreet massage and seat ventilation. Finally, the seat is raised again and the roller blind in the roof liner is opened. This ends the program and returns the driver to the task of driving.

ENERGIZING COMFORT and ENERGIZING COACH: comfortable travel while staying fit

The ENERGIZING COMFORT range in the EQE builds on the further advanced system of the S-Class. In addition to the three new ENERGIZING NATURE programs, it thus includes the programs Freshness, Warmth, Vitality, Joy and Comfort as well as Training and ENERGIZING Tips.

Visualisation benefits from active ambient lighting and large screens with high-resolution animations. Passengers can join a program in progress from their seat ("Join" mode) or suggest their own program to other passengers ("Share" mode). The voice assistant "Hey Mercedes" is integrated. A statement such as "I am stressed", for example, automatically triggers the Joy program with regenerative character. If the driver says "I'm tired", they are prompted to take a break and ENERGIZING COMFORT starts the Vitality program.

The ENERGIZING COACH is based on an intelligent algorithm. It recommends the Freshness, Warmth, Vitality or Joy program depending on the situation and individual. If the Mercedes-Benz vivoactive® 3 smartwatch, the Mercedes-Benz Venu® smartwatch or another compatible Garmin® wearable is linked, personal values such as stress level or sleep quality optimise the precision of the recommendation. Via the Mercedes me App, the smartwatch sends vital data of the wearer to the ENERGIZING COACH, e.g. pulse rate, stress level and sleep quality. The recommended comfort program can be started directly from the suggestion in the form of a notification in the MBUX system. The aim is to ensure that the driver feels well and relaxed even during demanding or monotonous journeys. In addition, the pulse rate recorded by the integrated Garmin® wearable is shown in the central display.

Two ENERGIZING packages are offered for the EQE, with the following features:

  • The ENERGIZING Package includes ENERGIZING COMFORT and the AIR-BALANCE Package with fragrancing, ionisation and air filtration.
  • The ENERGIZING Package Plus also includes driver and front passenger seat climate control, steering wheel heating and Front Multicontour Seat Package.

In conjunction with the fully electric seat adjustment, the EQE is optionally available with ENERGIZING seat kinetics. This function supports the advantageous change of the sitting posture during the journey through the smallest movements of the seat cushion and backrest.