The new EQE: over-the-air technology (OTA)

Sep 5, 2021

The EQE offers the possibility to activate new vehicle functions via over-the-air technology (OTA) in a number of functional areas. This means that after purchase and the original new car configuration, some of the EQE's equipment can be adapted according to personal preferences. The OTA functions are available in the Mercedes me Store, and the range will be successively expanded. In addition to a classic purchase of individual functions, subscriptions, time-limited activations and free trial phases are also planned. The following is the OTA range at the launch of the EQE:

The Individualisation Package is available in the Mercedes me Store. It comprises:

  • The additional sound experience "Roaring Pulse". It is reminiscent of powerful elements such as large-volume combustion engines, turbines and the forces of nature.
  • Several entertaining mini-games such as Sudoku, Pairs and Shuffle Puck
  • More coming-home/leaving-light animations like "Brand World".

If the EQE is equipped with DIGITAL LIGHT, DIGITAL LIGHT with projection function can also be activated via OTA. This enables the projection of auxiliary markings or warning symbols onto the roadway[1].

Highlight Mode can also be activated via OTA. Here the EQE introduces itself, activated by means of the voice assistant "Hey Mercedes". The various vehicle functions are shown in a video, and special features such as ambient lighting or seat massage can be experienced directly.

With two digital safety functions, the use of the EQE can be adapted to specific target groups. In both modes not only is the maximum speed restricted, but the acceleration capacity is also reduced:

  • In beginner driver mode, the driving characteristics are deliberately more gentle. Nevertheless, sufficient power reserves are available for overtaking. The drive program C is automatically activated, the drive programs Sport and Individual are locked. The maximum speed is limited to approx. 120 km/h, ESP-OFF cannot be activated.
  • The valet mode is intended for use by service personnel such as hotel staff. The characteristics are similar to the beginner driver mode. A maximum of approx. 80 km/h is possible. Personal profile data such as the home address or "last destinations" are protected from unauthorised access.

The main user activates and deactivates these programs via their personal profile, which is protected with a PIN and/or biometric recognition, or conveniently via the Mercedes me App from the smartphone. The modes cannot be activated while driving, but only when the vehicle is stationary.

[1] Country restrictions apply.