• Berlin, Sep 23, 2022 - Mercedes-Benz AG opened its Mercedes-Benz Digital Factory Campus (MBDFC) marking the transformation of its Berlin-Marienfelde site into a centre for digitalization in automotive production.
  • Berlin, Nov 18, 2021 - Mercedes-Benz will build ultra-high-performance axial-flux electric motors at its Berlin site, as the world’s pre-eminent luxury car brand prepares to go all electric by 2030, where market conditions allow.
  • Berlin, Mar 29, 2021 - Mercedes-Benz and Siemens plan to cooperate on advancing digitalization and automation in the automotive industry, supported by the State of Berlin. Mercedes-Benz AG aims to digitize its production processes.
  • Berlin, Mar 3, 2021 - Mercedes-Benz is investing a double-digit million amount to transform its Berlin-Marienfelde plant in Germany into a campus for developing, testing and implementing pioneering software applications for its global production network.
  • Berlin, May 16, 2018 - More than two and a half years after starting a demography initiative across all locations in the production organisation, Mercedes-Benz Cars has achieved successful interim results and is continuing to push this cooperation of young and experienced employees ahead.
  • Tuscaloosa, AL/USA, Sep 21, 2017 - As part of its ongoing commitment to engineer and manufacture the world’s most attractive vehicles, Mercedes-Benz will set up electric vehicle production in the United States. The company plans to produce EQ-branded SUV models at MBUSI (Mercedes-Benz U.S. International), its Tuscaloosa, Alabama facility.
  • Berlin, May 22, 2015 - Daimler continues to back Berlin as a location. The company is investing a total of around 500 million euros in the Mercedes-Benz plant in Berlin, which is being developed into a high-tech facility for component production. This is part of the transformation plan agreed between the company and the Works Council, which will secure employment at the location for the long term. The Group's oldest production facility in operation is already an important part of the powertrain production network at Mercedes-Benz Cars.