Chassis and braking system: Motorsport technology for pure dynamism

Nov 18, 2011
  • Adjustable AMG coil-over sports suspension for race track setup
  • AMG rear axle differential lock as standard
  • High-performance braking system with front composite brake discs
  • 3-stage ESP® system with SPORT Handling mode
  • Weight-optimised forged wheels featuring a multi-spoke design
  • Optional Track package with sports tyres
Impressive driving dynamics, low roll angle, high grip and excellent deceleration values – these are the driving characteristics of the C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series. In addition to the AMG high-performance composite braking system, all of this is also down to the AMG coil-over suspension, which is typical of a Black Series model and features AMG-specific axle kinematics. This sophisticated solution is well-known in the world of motorsport and is mainly also used in the SLS AMG GT3 customer sports car.
On the front and rear axles, the rebound and compression stages of the gas-filled struts can be adjusted. In conjunction with the level of the vehicle, which is also adjustable, drivers of the C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series can apply their own personal setup for the respective race track characteristics. The wider track width, which has been increased by 40 mm at the front and 79 mm at the rear, ensures lower shifts in the wheel loads from the inner to the outer wheel when cornering. This translates into more grip for fast cornering, something which also benefits from the AMG rear axle differential lock fitted as standard. With a locking effect when both accelerating and decelerating, it effectively prevents the inner wheel from spinning when accelerating out of bends.
Revised anti-roll bars all-round and modified elastokinematics on the front axle complete the list of chassis measures, all of which help to ensure optimum contact with the road, maximum precision, low body movement and therefore pronounced driving dynamics. In brief, the C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series is predestined for fast laps on the race track.
AMG sports speed-sensitive power steering and lightweight forged wheels
The AMG-specific axle kinematics also enhance the steering response: thanks to the shift in the so-called instantaneous centre, the AMG sports speed-sensitive power steering with steering ratio of 13.5:1 is now more direct overall. And if that were not enough: the AMG-specific steering parameters and a stiffer rubber blend used in the Hardy disc in the steering column tangibly increase steering precision and result in outstanding vehicle control.
The AMG light-alloy wheels not only provide aesthetic appeal. As in the SLS AMG, the AMG driving dynamics experts have also made use of exceptionally lightweight forging technology in the C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series too. Compared with regular light-alloy wheels, the forged wheels provide a total weight saving of around eleven kilograms. These lightweight design measures help to reduce the unsprung masses and therefore improve both the steering precision and response of the spring elements.
AMG high-performance braking system with composite technology
The filigree spokes of the AMG forged wheels provide a glimpse of the red-painted brake callipers which lie behind, as well as the ventilated and perforated disc brakes all round. The front axle makes use of six-piston fixed callipers and discs measuring 390 x 36 mm and featuring composite technology, as found in the world of motorsport. The rear axle is fitted with four-piston fixed callipers and integral discs measuring 360 x 26 mm. The AMG high-performance braking system is characterised by perfect deceleration, optimum sensitivity and excellent fatigue strength – even when subjected to maximum loads on the race track.
3-stage ESP® system with SPORT Handling mode
The 3-stage ESP® supports three individual control strategies at the push of a button: the ESP® button in the centre console allows the driver to choose between "ESP ON", "ESP SPORT Handling" mode, and "ESP OFF" – with the currently active mode shown in the display of the AMG instrument cluster.
In "ESP ON", the onset of handling instability leads to braking intervention at one or more of the wheels, accompanied by a reduction in engine torque.
Briefly pressing the ESP® button activates "ESP SPORT Handling" mode. In this mode the braking intervention to counter oversteer or understeer, as well as the accompanying reduction in engine torque, allows a higher dynamic threshold and, for instance, corresponding drift angles – the driver benefits from significantly enhanced driving enjoyment. Operating the brake pedal restores all the normal ESP® functions. Prolonged pressure on the ESP® button activates "ESP OFF". With this, the engine torque is no longer reduced to control the driving dynamics – and driving enjoyment is therefore increased even further. "ESP OFF" should only be used by experienced drivers on dedicated racetracks. In this mode too, all of the functions of ESP® are
made available by operating the brake pedal.
The system's traction logic is active in all three ESP® modes. If one of the drive wheels starts to spin, specific brake pressure can be applied to improve traction.
Optional AMG Track package with Dunlop sports tyres
The AMG Track package is recommended for those looking to enhance driving dynamics on closed-off race tracks: it comprises Sport Maxx Race Dunlop sports tyres in sizes 255/35 R 19 front) and 285/30 R 19 (rear). The tyres have been developed exclusively for the C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series and noticeably and measurably improve grip. Fatigue strength under demanding race track conditions is further enhanced by the active rear axle transmission cooling. The radiator is located in the rear apron, in front of the diffuser insert, and the airflow passes through it effectively.