The new Mercedes-Benz Citan: the dimensions

Oct 20, 2021

The new Mercedes-Benz Citan is a true all-rounder: it accompanies tradesmen and women, taking them and their tools to building sites. It helps courier services handle parcel deliveries. It can even be used to transfer hotel guests to the railway station. And it can even do all of this in some of the narrowest streets of Europe's historical town centres. The small van combines compact dimensions with a huge amount of space. Thanks to a number of different versions and practical equipment details, it covers a broad range of possible uses and offers especially comfortable loading thanks to the wide-opening sliding doors and low loading sill.

The Citan will be launched on the market as a Panel Van and a Tourer. Later there will be further variants with a long wheelbase as well as a Mixto version. But even in the short wheelbase variant, the Citan offers much more space compared with the predecessor model – in the Panel Van for example, the load capacity is up to 2.9 m3 according to the VDA norm. Wide-opening sliding doors (optionally available for the Panel Van) on the left and right sides of the vehicle, as well as a low loading sill enable comfortable access to the interior and easy loading of the vehicle.

Here is an overview of the most important dimensions and details:

width (mm)

Permissible gross weight/payload (kg)



Citan Panel Van





·     Optional sliding door(s) into the load compartment, optional side window(s)

·     Standard two-piece rear door, optionally with rear window

·     Optional tailgate with rear window

Citan Tourer




·     Standard sliding doors on right and left

·     Standard all-round glazing; sliding doors standard with hinged windows and optionally with power windows

·     Standard tailgate with rear window

·     Optional two-section rear door with rear window

Sliding doors (partially optional, see table) are especially practical in tight parking spaces. On the new Citan, they offer a broad opening width of 615 millimetres on both sides. The height of the load compartment opening is 1059 millimetres (both figures refer to the clearance). At the rear, too, the load compartment is easily accessible: the loading sill of the Panel Van is positioned at a height of 59 cm. Meanwhile, the two sections of the rear doors can be blocked at an angle of 90 degrees and can even be moved through 180 degrees to the sides of the vehicle. The doors are asymmetrical, whereby the left-hand door is wider and has to be opened first. As an option, the Panel Van can also be ordered with rear doors featuring heated windows and a windscreen wiper. As an option, a rear tailgate can also be ordered for both variants.

The Tourer already comes as standard with a tailgate featuring a rear window. The bench seat in the rear can be folded in the ratio 1/3 to 2/3.

Numerous stowage spaces and compartments facilitate everyday use of the Citan. As optional equipment on the Citan Panel Van and the Citan Tourer (available only with M1 registration), there is a closed stowage compartment with a USB-C interface and pre-installation for a smartphone bracket, as well as a stowage compartment integrated in the armrest between the front seats. In front of this, there are two cupholders in which cups or bottles with a volume of up to 0.75 litres fit.

A practical option on the Citan Tourer are the tables which can be folded out of the backrest of the front seats, thereby providing rear-seat passengers with a suitable space for writing or for a snack. Cupholders are also integrated in these tables. A further Tourer-specific optional item of equipment comes from the ruffled packets which can be installed on the rear lower section of the front-seat backrests.

Practical details facilitate daily transport tasks

A single-piece load compartment cover protects loads in the Tourer against the sun and prying eyes. It can be fixed in three positions and can be stowed away behind the rear bench seat when not required. Protection against luggage and cargo is afforded by the luggage net. It can be set in two positions behind either the front seats or rear bench seat. Six ISO-certified tie-down eyes come as standard in the Panel Van and Tourer. Plus in the Panel Van, depending on the equipment, there are also six eyelets in the side wall. There, it is even possible to screw retainer rails in place in the screw holes of the bodyshell. Citan models equally feature as many as three 12-volt connections in the interior and load compartment.

If even more stowage space is needed, the roof can also optionally be used. Special equipment available includes roof rails with integral basic carrier bars in aluminium. As an alternative, towing a trailer is also possible. Its towing capacity is 1.5 tonnes and the drawbar load is 75 kg. Besides the normal, fixed trailer coupling, a version with a low-positioned ball head is also available to enable better opening of the doors when a trailer is coupled. What's more, a pre-installation for subsequent installation of a trailer coupling with ball head can be ordered. Plus, service partners even have the possibility of installing a pre-installation with a removable ball head.

[1] With "increase payload" optional equipment

[2] With roof railing 1852 mm