Design meets artisanship: The exclusive THE CREATOR sunglasses by MAYBACH Icons of Luxury

Design meets artisanship: The exclusive THE CREATOR sunglasses by MAYBACH Icons of Luxury

Jun 2, 2022

Stuttgart. The Mercedes-Benz design philosophy stands for sensual purity and modern luxury. In close collaboration with long-standing cooperation partner MAYBACH Icons of Luxury, Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes-Benz Group AG, and his team created a pair of sunglasses that are characterised by technical perfection, superb aesthetics and innovative creativity. From summer 2022, THE CREATOR sunglasses will be available from authorized retailers in ten different colour variants.

The exclusive design object combines ultra-light titanium and sustainably sourced natural horn in a very special way: the cool, technically filigree metal, additionally refined with 22 carat gold, rose gold or platinum plating, meets the horn of traditionally reared Asian water buffalo - warm, elegant and in the finest natural colour structures. This exquisite combination of materials is honed to perfection here in the shape of a model that exudes strong character - as an expression of a new zeitgeist that combines style, innovation and sustainability. 

Artisanship with many handcrafting steps

More than 200 steps are required to produce a single pair of these exclusive sunglasses. They combine to high-quality effect the innovative power of Mercedes-Benz with the historically evolved art of handcrafting that is synonymous with MAYBACH Icons of Luxury. THE CREATOR draws on the valuable experience and treasures of both worlds to interpret and help shape the current zeitgeist with a modern design idiom.

Luxury, design and handcrafting at the highest level

Mercedes-Maybach enthusiasts will (also) recognise similarities to the Maybach logo in the shape of THE CREATOR: the rounded corners of the frames and the flowing aesthetics are emblematic of the most exclusive models. A highlight is the bridge, which takes details from the radiator grille and reinterprets them. The comfortable spring hinges on the temples are seamlessly integrated into the logo.

"With the brand Mercedes-Maybach we address each and every one with the desire for Sophisticated Luxury. The glasses "THE CREATOR", developed in close collaboration with MAYBACH Icons of Luxury, combines craftsmanship at the highest level with exclusive, sustainable materials. The design merges technical precision and luxurious lightness. Luxury has always been our soul – and it’s constantly evolving. THE CREATOR embodies our way of luxury and the desire of beauty and the extraordinary beyond the car and symbolizes the innovative claim of the brand.", says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

"Having a high regard for nature is of crucial importance to us and this aspect is at the forefront of our thoughts and actions. From the very beginning, therefore, it was an essential aim to unite sustainably-sourced, natural material, handcrafting skill and technical know-how honed over several decades, and the Maybach design language, and these all came together in THE CREATOR sunglasses. Together with Gorden Wagener and his team, we created an exclusive designer piece that pushes on the technical limits of handcrafting skill and, with its aesthetics, leads us down completely new paths – thus a statement of ‘Sophisticated Luxury’ is made,” says Jutta Kahlbetzer, CEO of MAYBACH Icons of Luxury.

A particularly important feature of the new sunglasses is the natural horn that is used in the frame of the glasses. It comes from the company IVKO, whose atelier working with natural horn established in 1978, and which is now able to bring its many years of experience to bear in MAYBACH eyewear. The horn used for the glasses comes from Asian water buffalo, which are commonly found in farming communities in many parts of the world and whose strength is an indispensable help in everyday life for the local people. They revere these valuable animals, not one of which has to lose its life because of its horn. Mature horn is best suited for making the glasses - so the older the animals, the more beautiful the horn becomes.

THE CREATOR - available in ten different colour variants

THE CREATOR sunglasses are available in a range of colour combinations, including three models with 22k gold plating and two models each with rose gold or platinum plating on a premium titanium base. This is found in the logos, the striking bridge design and the trim around the glass. The variants in gold are available in combination with natural horn in the colour amber and gold mirrored lenses, in matt black natural horn with dark grey lenses, and in cream/green marbled natural horn with lenses in a subtle green gradient. The rose gold models feature frames made of matt black natural horn with lenses in a grey gradient or - as a limited edition - frames made of cream-coloured natural horn with rose gold mirrored lenses. In the platinum versions there is a choice between a variant in matt black natural horn with lenses in a grey gradient, or one in cream/blue marbled natural horn with silver mirrored lenses. The three models with metal elements in matt black convey special character. In addition to the red colour variant with white marbled horn, there is a black-black combination, which subtly emphasises the contrasts between the materials and between gloss and matt effects, as well as a variant in black-white-black, which plays with pronounced contrasts.

About MAYBACH Icons of Luxury

MAYBACH Icons of Luxury is a family-owned company which has extended the reach of the brand in other lifestyle areas by creating prestigious MAYBACH handcrafted products. For decades, MAYBACH has symbolized the most exacting demands on quality and luxury. Characteristic are intricately worked, exquisite materials and outstanding design. Today, Mercedes-Maybach is a sub-brand that creates Mercedes-Benz automobiles in their most luxurious form, adding an extra dimension to an already exclusive range. At MAYBACH Icons of Luxury there is a strong belief that it’s a luxury to be able to take the time to create beautiful pieces by hand in today’s fast-moving world. Great importance is placed on sustainability and the company is careful to use only selected materials which have a proven and sound ecological source.

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes-Benz Group AG wearing the model THE CREATOR BM-HF-Z36