• Stuttgart, Oct 6, 2020 - “500 E” – Merely mentioning this model name is enough to make many people’s eyes light up. This is because the high-performance 124 model series saloon still outshines all the other members of this generation of Mercedes-Benz mid-sized saloons.
  • Stuttgart, Sep 21, 2020 - Mercedes-Benz continued its success story 35 years ago: The 124 model series estate celebrated its premiere at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt/Main between 12 and 22 September 1985.
  • Stuttgart, Aug 10, 2020 - The history of the E-Class has its place at the heart of the Mercedes-Benz brand. It is a tradition of a family of innovative, fascinating and diverse cars in the upper medium-size and premium categories.
  • Stuttgart, Jul 10, 2020 - A new generation of E-Class began its successful journey a quarter of a century ago: in 1995, Mercedes-Benz introduced the 210 model series. It was the first time the E-Class with twin headlamps looked out at the world and promptly received the “red dot” design award.
  • Stuttgart, Mar 20, 2019 - The Mercedes-Benz E 500 high-performance saloon celebrates two special moments that took place 25 years ago: in March 1994, a special model limited to 500 units is presented at the Geneva Motor Show.
  • Stuttgart, Dec 5, 2017 - Three decades ago, two exclusive Mercedes-Benz models celebrated their premiere: The 190 E 2.5-16 (201 series) prepared the way for the then compact class to become a star performer, while the 560 SE (126 series) combined the top performance of the flagship S-Class model with the more dynamic handling of the shorter wheelbase
  • Stuttgart, Sep 25, 2017 - On 28 September 1977 the world’s toughest rally was won by two Mercedes-Benz upper mid-range saloons. Andrew Cowan and his team took first place in the Singapore Airlines London–Sydney Rally driving a 280 E (W 123) – now a sought-after modern classic – and Anthony (Tony) Fowkes and his crew came in second, also in a 280 E.
  • Stuttgart, Aug 18, 2016 - Mercedes-Benz presented a sunny outlook for the upper medium class at the 1991 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt/Main. That is where an elegant convertible celebrated its September premiere 25 years ago.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 2, 2016 - The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a success story with a great tradition. One of its forebears is the Mercedes-Benz 170 V, which was presented to the world public in February 1936. Driving comfort, downsizing and lightweight construction: these were just some of the features of this car, which also impressed with its new four-cylinder engine and spacious interior despite compact dimensions.
  • Stuttgart, Jan 27, 2016 - At its launch in January 1976, the Mercedes-Benz 123 model series offered a persuasive combination of elegance and multiple technical innovations. The saloon was the first model to become available. The range was expanded a year later by the Coupé and, for the first time, an Estate model. Over the course of the next ten years almost 2.7 million vehicles were built, among them also long-wheelbase saloons and chassis for special bodies.
  • Stuttgart, Sep 16, 2015 - Anyone in the know will already be slavering at this model designation: launched in 1990, 25 years ago, the Mercedes-Benz 500 E with V8 engine and subtly muscular body is the top-of-the-range model in the 124 model series - and has long been one of the brand's most desirable 'young classic' models.
  • Stuttgart, Sep 16, 2014 - Welcome to a distinguished circle: this year the first vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz model series 124 will receive the coveted H registration plate, signifying that they have achieved the status of young classics. This model series displayed various body shapes and numerous innovations, and proved a winner with customers worldwide: a total of more than 2.7 million units were produced between 1984 and 1997.
  • Stuttgart, Jun 25, 2014 - 59 kW (80 hp) signified a quantum leap in 1974: The five-cylinder diesel engine on board the Mercedes-Benz 240 D 3.0 produced such an output, making the model series 115, commonly known as the “Stroke/8”, the torquiest and fastest diesel-powered passenger car in the world. The diesel engine combined strong driving power with impressive economy. At the same time, the 240 D 3.0 was the first series-production car with a five-cylinder engine.
  • Stuttgart, Aug 19, 2005 - <b>October 4-14, 1990</b> You can rely on Mercedes-Benz for coming up with automotive tidbits time and again. One of these was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1990: the 500 E.
  • Stuttgart, May 22, 2005 - <b>June 24, 1995</b> In the W 210 E-Class models the future-oriented new face, incorporating four elliptical headlamps, entered series production in June 1995.
  • Stuttgart, Jun 2, 2004 - <b>July 1974</b> In July 1974, there was no denying the pioneering role of Mercedes-Benz: the company presented the world's first passenger car from large-scale production with a five-cylinder diesel engine (OM 617), model 240 D 3.0.