The new EQE: the parking assistants

Sep 5, 2021

The EQE comes with the Parking Package with reversing camera as standard. Thanks to powerful sensors that monitor the vehicle's surroundings, the parking systems can help the driver with manoeuvring in many areas. The integration of Parking Assist in MBUX makes operation intuitive and fast. In conjunction with the Driving Assistance package, emergency braking functions provide special protection for other road users.

Here are three particularly innovative parking systems:

With Remote Parking Assist (SAE Level 2), the driver can park and unpark the vehicle by smartphone from a short distance. This means more comfort when getting in and out, and protects against damage when opening the doors. With the latest generation of Remote Parking Assist, many parking manoeuvres are possible. The driver monitors the parking process. Manoeuvring is automatic as long as the driver keeps the touch surface on the phone pressed and tilts it by 90°. Otherwise, the vehicle is automatically braked to a standstill.

Memory Parking Assist (SAE level 2) can remember parking locations such as how to get to and from the garage at home. The driver sits behind the steering wheel and is asked whether they would like to carry out an automated parking procedure after the training process has been completed. If obstacles are detected, the system stops until they are removed.

With the pre-installation for the INTELLIGENT PARKING PILOT, the EQE is prepared for automated valet service (AVP, SAE level 4). If equipped with the required optional equipment and the corresponding Connect service (depending on the country), the vehicle has the technology on board to manoeuvre into and out of parking spaces fully automatically and without the driver in car parks equipped with AVP infrastructure, provided that national laws allow such operation.

But the other parking systems also support the driver in a variety of ways. Would you have known that...

... Active Parking Assist also uses the rear-axle steering and can thus enter the parking space with even greater agility? The calculation of the lanes (trajectories) is adjusted to this. And when things get really tight, it can make up to 12 moves. The process for manoeuvring out of a parking space is completed at the latest when the vehicle is at an angle of 100° to the start position. Acceleration, steering, braking, gear changes and turn indicators are controlled automatically. The driver remains responsible and has the possibility to intervene at any time and correct or complete the parking manoeuvre.

... when driving past detected parking spaces, one press of the button on MBUX is sufficient to start the parking process? This is what is known as the Quick Park function of Active Parking Assist.

... the Drive Away Assist can warn the driver if a collision with detected objects could occur when starting off due to a mix-up of accelerator and brake pedal or a wrong gear? At the same time, the speed is briefly limited in such cases if the danger of collision is detected.

... the Parking Package with 360° camera fuses the information from many sensors and cameras? This will allow more parking spaces to be identified and offered for automated parking, including spaces demarcated by lines (rather than vehicles). There are a total of 12 ultrasound sensors at the front and rear, a rear-view camera in the boot lid, and three additional cameras in the outside mirrors and at the front.

... a real-time rendered vehicle model in the Parking Package with 360° camera displays status such as indicating or braking? Visualises obstructions in the field of vision, e.g. open doors

... collision protection has been further extended to cross traffic? If the sensors detect other vehicles crossing during forward or reverse travel, the driver is first warned visually and audibly. The rear collision protection goes even further: if the driver does not react and the detected danger persists, the vehicle initiates autonomous emergency braking. The function, which is dependent on equipment, is called Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.

... the Active Parking Assist in the EQE also visualises the distance to obstacles from the driver's perspective with the help of the Active Ambient Lighting? As before, the distance is also transmitted acoustically and displayed on the screen.