The new EQE: Mercedes me Charge

Sep 5, 2021

With Mercedes me Charge, customers always charge green at every public charging station throughout Europe as of 2021. High-quality guarantees of origin ensure that as much green power from renewable energies is fed into the grid as is withdrawn via Mercedes me Charge. In the first three years after the purchase of an EQE, there is no basic charge for Mercedes me Charge and thus Green Charging for customers. With the new Plug & Charge function, the EQE can also be charged particularly conveniently.

Mercedes me Charge is one of the largest charging networks worldwide: it currently has more than 530,000 AC and DC charging points in 31 countries, including over 200,000 in Europe. At selected charging stations, such as IONITY's fast charging network, only green power is already being offered. Mercedes me Charge is now significantly expanding this opportunity to further reduce the carbon footprint: with Mercedes me Charge, customers charge green at every public charging station throughout Europe as of 2021. In addition, the functionality of Mercedes me Charge in MBUX will be expanded to include functions such as filtering and forecasting the availability of charging stations.

How Green Charging works: to promote the use of electricity from renewable energies, Mercedes-Benz uses guarantees of origin to 'green' the charging process, whose quality is defined by an eco power label. This ensures that an equivalent amount of electricity from renewable resources is fed into the grid to compensate for the charging of an electric vehicle. Amounts of energy used for charging are thus offset with green power after the actual charging process, also creating incentives to invest in renewable energy plants. In the first three years after the purchase of an EQE, there is a fee for Mercedes me Charge. The prices of the charging operator may vary. Green charging and driving become tangible with MBUX.

Plug & Charge - simpler and more convenient charging

With the new Mercedes me Charge Plug & Charge function, the EQE can be charged even more conveniently at Plug & Charge-enabled public charging points: when the charging cable is plugged in, the charging process starts automatically; no further authentication by the customer is required. The vehicle and the charging station communicate directly via the charging cable.

What's more, Mercedes me Charge customers continue to benefit from the integrated payment function with automatic payment. The customer chooses the preferred payment method only once. Every charging process is then automatically debited – including abroad. The individual charging processes are clearly listed in a monthly invoice.

Whether a charging station is Plug & Charge-compatible can be seen by the charging station details shown on the central display of the EQE and in the Mercedes me App. It is also possible to search for specific, suitable charging stations. This convenient authentication method will initially be available at the IONITY fast charging stations throughout Europe. Plug & Charge is the fourth way to access charging points, alongside enabling via MBUX on the vehicle's media display, the Mercedes me App and the Mercedes me Charge card.

Mercedes me App: easy operation on smartphone and tablet

The Mercedes me App offers many improved and new functions since the last revision. These include a filter option that allows the charging points to be sorted according to criteria such as availability or charging capacity. The likelihood over the course of the day of a particular charging point being busy is also determined and displayed on the basis of a probability calculation.

Mercedes me Eco Coach: the personal trainer for environmentally friendly driving

The Eco Coach supports the use of the EQE on the basis of real data. In relation to the individual driving, charging and parking activities, it provides helpful tips and explanations on the sustainable and resource-saving use of the vehicle. Those who take this to heart receive points that can be redeemed for attractive rewards at a later date. In addition, users can complete exciting challenges to further increase their score. The Eco Coach is integrated into the display of the EQE.