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Jul 24, 2021

Unfortunately, we have to stay outside, says the EQS to fine dust, microparticles, pollen and other substances. This is because its HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) cleans the incoming outside air at its very high filtration level. In recirculation mode, the air is filtered by the interior air filter of the automatic climate control system. Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides as well as odours are also reduced thanks to the activated charcoal coating on the HEPA filter and the interior air filter. The HEPA filter is part of the optional equipment ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus and uses the space under the front bonnet of the EQS. It carries the "OFI CERT" ZG 250-1 certification in the area of viruses and bacteria.

The system is based on filtration, sensors, a display concept and air conditioning. In combination with the intelligent fresh air/recirculating air switching, ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus ensures good air in the vehicle interior. The particulate levels are also displayed in real time in MBUX. Using pre-entry climate control, it is also possible to clean the interior air before getting into the vehicle.

Thanks to its purpose design, the EQS accommodates a large filter system under the front bonnet. At 596/412/40 millimetres, the HEPA filter has almost the area of a DIN A2 sheet (420/594 mm), i.e. it is about four times the size of a DIN A4 sheet. At 9.82 dm³, its volume is almost ten litres. Filtration takes place in three stages. A coarse pre-filter retains leaves, snow and sand and traps larger particles. At the same time, it protects the HEPA filter from a high concentration of coarse particles. The separation in this HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter uses a mechanical process by means of a synthetic membrane: The microfibre layer traps fine dust of the so-called class PM 2.5 to PM 0.3 - these particles are therefore smaller than 2.5 μm. Over 99.65 percent of particles of all sizes are removed according to the filter's efficiency certified pursuant to DIN EN 1822. The reduction of pollutants achieved at the filter is comparable to that in clean rooms and operating theatres.

In the third and final step, further fine particles as well as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and unpleasant odours are filtered out. The filtration of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides is carried out by special activated charcoals in the HEPA filter and the interior air filter. Due to their pore structure, they have a very large inner surface area. Around 600 grams of activated charcoal are used in the HEPA filter of the EQS. The adsorption area is equivalent to about 150 football fields. Activated charcoal is produced from coconut shells, which are a by-product of the cosmetics industry.

Mercedes-Benz was the first automotive manufacturer to receive the "OFI CERT" ZG 250-1 certification from the Austrian Research and Testing Institute (OFI). Air filters with this certificate reduce bacteria and viruses directly at the filter. To prove their quality, the air filters must pass standardized tests and are checked using additional scientific analyses. The test results certify that ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus has

  • A virus capturing capacity of more than 86 percent in new condition
  • A virus capturing capacity of more than 80 percent in aged condition after climate change test with different temperatures and humidities
  • A bacteria capturing capacity of more than 90 percent in new condition
  • A bacteria capturing capacity of more than 88 percent in aged condition after climate change test
  • A very low re-shedding of filtered viruses on the back of the filter below the infection threshold

Always informed: indication of fine dust values outside and inside the vehicle
Combined with the automatic fresh air/recirculating air mode, ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus ensures good air quality inside the vehicle. The air-conditioned recirculated air is filtered several times in recirculation mode, and flushing with fresh air takes place at regular intervals. Using pre-entry climate control, it is also possible to clean the interior air before getting into the vehicle.

The particulate levels outside and inside the vehicle are also displayed in MBUX. They can be viewed in detail in the dedicated Air Quality menu. If the quality of the outside air is low, the system can also recommend closing the side windows or the sliding sunroof.

No.6 MOOD Linen: fig meets linen
The active fragrancing of the EQS, which is part of the AIR-BALANCE Package, also appeals to the sense of smell. A special fragrance was composed for the new electric top-of-the-range model: No.6 MOOD Linen. Fig provides a green note for this fragrance, which is rounded off with linen. It gives the slight impression of a fig tree standing at a high elevation and surrounded by fresh, cool air.

The new nomenclature of the Mercedes fragrances is composed of an iconic number of the respective brand, the designation "MOOD" and the main ingredient of the fragrance. The Mercedes-EQ fragrances bear the number 6, as the first electric cars were added to the model range in 1906 with the "Mercédès Electrique" vehicles. Their electric wheel hub motors were powered by a battery. They were available as passenger cars, trucks, buses, ambulances and fire engines in a wide variety of designs.