Infotainment: A sensual pleasure

Nov 10, 2015
The new multimedia generation of the C-Class Coupé is characterised by internet access already with the basic audio system, intuitive operation thanks to displays with visual effects and accurate traffic information. The Frontbass system delivers sound almost of the quality of a concert hall as standard.
Three infotainment systems are available for the new C-Class Coupé.It comes as standard with the Audio 20 system. Upgrade alternatives are the touchpad-controlled Audio 20 CD with CD drive, and COMAND Online. All three variants of the infotainment system are internet-capable with a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone with tethering and a data plan. This enables surfing the internet without restrictions when the vehicle is stationary. In conjunction with COMAND Online, the Mercedes-Benz Apps can be used while driving. COMAND Online offers integral hotspot functionality to boot. It allows passengers on all seats to connect different W-LAN-capable devices such as laptop or tablet computers to the internet.
COMAND Online is identified by the colour flat screen positioned above the centre console. Its 21.3-cm TFT colour display (8.4 inches, resolution 960 x 540 pixels) outperforms the 17.78-centimetre colour displays of the Audio 20 and Audio 20 CD (7 inches, resolution 800 x 480 pixels).
Both types of displays use IPS technology (In-plane Switching) with LED display backlighting. Consequently they achieve high brightness values of about 500 cd/m² and contrasts of about 800:1 and higher. A light sensor adjusts the brightness to the ambient light. Drivers are also able to adjust the brightness to their personal preferences.
Touchpad and diverse data sources
Audio 20 is operated with a rotary/push controller on the centre console. Audio 20 CD and COMAND Online can be also operated with finger gestures on a touchpad. As a third operating option, COMAND Online also offers the LINGUATRONIC voice-operated control system for audio, telephone, navigation and music search.
Audio and video playback is possible from various sources with all three variants. For example, via Bluetooth®, from an Apple iPod® or iPhone®, from an SD card, USB stick or CD/DVD (with Audio 20 CD or higher and with COMAND Online). Digital radio for the DAB, DMB and DAB+ standards and internet radio are optionally available.
COMAND Online is additionally equipped with a Bluetooth® interface that allows the use of text and email write and read functions as well as audio streaming for music playback. A CD/DVD drive, a slot for SDHC memory cards and 10 GB of storage (Media Register) for compressed audio and video files (mp3, wma, aac, mpeg, avi up to 720p) are likewise integrated. Cover Flow display, song tagging and the "play more like this" function are also included.
COMAND Online also offers the option of playing videos from DVDs and has a picture viewer for photos from SD cards or USB mass storage devices. Optionally Mercedes-Benz equips the COMAND Online system with a six-disc DVD changer and TV receiver for digital TV reception with support for multichannel sound, EPG (electronic programme guide) and video text.
Listening pleasure guaranteed
The Frontbass system, which was honoured with the Daimler Research and Innovation Award, delivers extraordinary sound quality The customary woofers in the doors are replaced in the new C-Class Coupé with a woofer (Burmester® surround sound system: two woofers) installed in the front longitudinal and cross-members in the footwell in front of driver and front passenger. The cavities behind the speakers serve as a resonance chamber. Because these structures are inherently very rigid, the bass notes reproduced here are very precise and have little distortion, even with very high signal levels.
As no woofers now need to be accommodated in the doors, the irritating vibrations that are typical of such configurations are eliminated. The mid-range speakers and tweeters move closer to the vehicle's beltline and thus almost to the passengers' ear level. As a result, they create a brilliant sound.
Sound system - concert hall sound
Mercedes-Benz offers the Burmester® surround sound system as an option for audiophiles, which brings a concert hall atmosphere to the Coupé. The Burmester® surround sound system drives 13 loudspeakers (standard specification 5) with a 9-channel DSP amplifier and a total system output of 590 watts (standard specification 100 watts). All loudspeakers are additionally optimised for performance with this sound system.
Modern-style navigation
The Audio 20 CD can optionally be supplemented with the Garmin® MAP PILOT navigation system. Its merits include accurate map data and excellent route guidance. 3-D views with realistic views of streets and buildings as well as photo-realistic junction and lane assistants make orientation easier. Intuitive operation is provided by the Controller or the touchpad. The character recognition feature of the touchpad allows text input. The navigation system can also be operated by voice control. Software and maps can be updated easily via the internet.
The fast 3-D hard-disc navigation of COMAND Online with topographical map display, photo-realistic 3-D buildings and 3-D map rotations, as well as display of NASA satellite images, makes for a sensory experience. The system displays its contents interactively and its features include an animated compass as well as a "Drive Show" with information for passengers similar to the on-screen presentations aboard airliners. In addition, the navigation system can provide real-time information about the situation on the roads with the "Live Traffic Information“ service.
Telephony via Bluetooth® as standard
The basic Audio 20 system as well as Audio 20 CD and COMAND Online all offer basic telephony as standard, which links a mobile phone to the vehicle via a standardised Bluetooth® interface. The optional "Comfort Telephony" is available as pre-installation of a universal telephone interface which allows the mobile phone to be connected to a phone cradle in the centre console.