The new Mercedes-AMG SL: the soft top

Oct 28, 2021

The sporty positioning of the new SL also suggested the decision for an electric soft top instead of the previous metal vario-roof. The 21-kilogram reduction in weight and the resulting lower centre of gravity have a positive effect on driving dynamics and handling. At the same time, the developers were faced with the task of maintaining the high suitability for everyday use and the exemplary noise comfort.

This is achieved by a three-layer design with a tightly stretched outer shell, a precisely crafted roof liner and the acoustic mat inserted in between. It is made of high-quality 450 g/m2 material and offers a high level of noise comfort.

The space- and weight-saving Z-fold makes it possible to dispense with a conventional soft-top compartment cover. The front roof cap ensures that the open soft top is flush with the surface in its final position. Two fully automatic linkage exit flaps to the right and left then close the gaps to the body. Each time they open and close, they perform an impressive ballet of movement. The entire process takes only about 15 seconds and is possible up to a speed of 60 km/h. The soft top is operated using the switch panel in the centre console or the multimedia touchscreen, on which an animation shows the progress of the soft top operation.

The roof spans over a weight-optimised steel-aluminium construction and contributes to the vehicle's low centre of gravity with its low weight. Two integrated, round aluminium cross beams serve as additional reinforcements. The outer cover is available in black, grey or red. For a good view to the rear, the rear window made of safety glass can be heated.

Variable fabric soft top compartment

Another innovation is the fabric soft top compartment. It is significantly lighter and more compact than, for example, a fixed sheet metal compartment and thus allows for a larger luggage compartment. Two golf bags fit perfectly in the 213-litre boot. The automatic residual luggage compartment partition, which is included in the optional Load Compartment Package, is particularly convenient. When the roof is closed, it slides up: This increases the load compartment volume to around 240 litres compared to the standard partition.

Thanks to HANDS-FREE ACCESS, the boot lid can be opened and closed fully automatically with a kicking motion of the foot below the bumper. The optional Load Compartment Package maximises flexibility and makes everyday life easier. For example, a variable loading floor, practical stowage nets in the boot, rear and passenger footwell, a folding box for shopping and a 12-volt socket are among the components.