The new Mercedes-AMG SL: the connectivity

Oct 28, 2021

The MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system provides extensive intuitive operating options and many digital services from Mercedes me connect. Its strengths include the intuitive operating concept via touchscreen or touch control buttons on the steering wheel, smartphone integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, hands-free system via Bluetooth connection and digital radio (DAB and DAB+).

In conjunction with MBUX, customers already have access to connectivity services such as Live Traffic Information. With Mercedes me connect, however, the new SL becomes even more intelligent overall: Additional functions can be used before and after the journey or while on the road. All that is required is to link the roadster to a Mercedes me account in the Mercedes me Portal and accept the Terms of Use.

The Mercedes me connect offering is extensive and ranges from maintenance management and remote controls to car park information. For example, the SL recognises when maintenance is required and automatically sends a message to the Mercedes-AMG service partner stored by the customer. The latter can prepare a quotation for the upcoming maintenance work and send it to the customer on request. With the remote vehicle status query, the customer can check important data of their vehicle such as fuel level or tyre pressure at any time from the comfort of their home or office.

With remote door locking and unlocking, the vehicle can be locked and unlocked or checked to see if the vehicle is locked via the Mercedes me app. This is also possible from anywhere and at any time. This service includes a password entry when opening the vehicle, which can reduce the risk of third-party access to the vehicle. Furthermore, the customer can be informed by e-mail that their vehicle has been unlocked remotely. Other functions include, for example, vehicle location via GPS and geographic vehicle monitoring (geofencing).

Avoid traffic jams effectively and save time

Thanks to navigation with Live Traffic Information and Car-to-X communication, the customer drives with real-time traffic data. This way, traffic jams can be avoided efficiently and valuable time can be saved. Thanks to Car-to-X communication, connected vehicles exchange information about traffic events. Early information about danger spots - when the hazard warning lights are switched on, for example - increases safety. Regular online updates of the navigation map ensure that it is always up-to-date.

Available parking spaces on public roads are shown with availability forecasts, and in some instances in real time. They can be seen in the Mercedes me App and optionally in the MBUX navigation map, as can parking spaces in multi-storey car parks. The data can be transferred to the navigation system. Depending on the provider, additional information such as opening hours, the number of parking spaces and their height as well as prices and payment methods are displayed. The current weather and temperature in the vicinity are optionally displayed on the navigation map.

Destinations can also be entered as 3-word addresses based on the what3words system(w3w). what3words is the simplest way of specifying a location. The world is divided into three-by-three metre squares here. Each square has a unique, distinctive address consisting of three words. This gives an address to any location on earth – even where there are no postal addresses. This can be of great help when searching for destinations.

With the "Hey Mercedes" voice assistant, MBUX functions can be used and online question can also be asked, for example, about the weather or restaurants. No predefined phrases have to be used. The system understands simple colloquial language. Examples: "Where can I get a burger nearby"? and "Do I need an umbrella today"? The results of the online search for restaurants or hotels, for example, can be used as a destination in the navigation. In conjunction with the "Internet in the Car" service, a Wifi hotspot can be set up or other services such as Internet radio and music streaming can be used.