Mercedes-Benz Vans increases global sales by 4% in the third quarter

Mercedes-Benz Vans increases global sales by 4% in the third quarter

Oct 11, 2022
Stuttgart, Germany

In the first nine months of the year, Mercedes-Benz Vans increased sales of eVans by one third compared to the year-earlier period (Q1 to Q3 2021) and thus once again underscores its claim to leadership in the field of electric mobility. In the quarter under review (Q3 2022), Mercedes-Benz handed over in total around 100,000 vans to customers, of which around 3,300 were eVans.

Despite the worldwide ongoing challenges regarding parts supply and logistics, the Van division increased sales by 4% to 99,700 vans compared to the prior-year quarter. The segment of privately positioned vans saw sales rise by 32% (17,200 units) making a particularly strong contribution during the July to September period. With the V-Class and the fully electric MPV EQV, sales of these two models in the mid segment were increased by 21% to 15,700 units. The completely new T-Class, which has been available since summer this year, as well as the commercially positioned Citan, were able to convince numerous customers in the small van segment (+ 86%). The continued high demand for motorhomes still has a positive effect on the sales of the Marco Polo and all of its derivatives.

Customers expect the best solutions for their respective purpose from Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz Vans offers them premium vehicles and services, always with the aim to lead in terms of brand, customer focus, technology and sustainability. The demand for the commercially positioned vans Citan, (e)Vito, (e)Vito Tourer and (e)Sprinter has remained at the previous year's level in the quarter under review (82,400 vans ,-1%). In doing so, sale of the Small Van Citan increased by almost one third compared to the previous year's quarter, while sales of the (e)Sprinter in the segment of large vans declined by 8%. The medium-sized vans (e)Vito and (e)Vito Tourer recorded a significant increase in sales of 13%.

Further details on the model series and regions can be found in the graphic.
Preliminary figures may still change until the final assessment is available. The comparison period for the percentage changes specified in this document is the same period of the previous year unless otherwise stated.

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MB Vans Retail Sales Q3 2022
MB Vans Retailabsatz Q3 2022
EQV, eSprinter, eVito, the Mercedes-Benz eCitan is a prototype and not available for purchase yet.