Mercedes-Benz design: Impressive business card for fleets and businesses

Feb 6, 2018
  • The Mercedes design idiom creates a bridge between alluring design and day-to-day practicality
  • The well-proven proportions of the preceding models have been retained, and are modernised by flowing contours

Blending of form and function: With the third generation, the exterior of the Sprinter is entering a new era in which not only its qualities in solving transport problems are in demand. The vehicles in modern fleets are increasingly also being given the role of company representatives, and especially in smaller and medium-size business they are very much a business card.

Reinterpreted design idiom typical of the brand

The Mercedes-Benz design strategy established in the passenger car sector creates the basis and resolves the apparent conflict between passion and day-to-day practicality. "With its clear yet sensuous design, the new Sprinter reconciles the fascination of a modern vehicle with the functional requirements", says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer at Daimler AG.

Accordingly the Sprinter manages the leap from a commercial vehicle with pure utlity value to an impressive business card for commercial fleets and businesses. The new Sprinter reinterprets the Mercedes-Benz design idiom, and embodies the inherent contradiction of this philosophy: emotional appeal and intelligence. As part of the van family, the common features with the V-Class are much more apparent than those with the commercial vehicle sector.

With respect to the exterior, this does not mean abandoning all the successful conventions, but rather retaining the well-proven proportions of the preceding model and modernising them. As a result the previously hard contours of the wings have been changed into soft and flowing lines. All in all, the clearly defined front section with its precisely contoured headlamps has become more striking and sporty. In combination with the calm surfaces and particularly fine joints, this makes the elegant character of the futuristic Vision Van shine through.

Striking front section and harmonious proportions for a self-assured appearance

The striking engine hood, different radiator grille variants including one with three twin louvres and LED headlamps characterise the front section. The Mercedes-Benz design concept is particularly expressive when viewed from the side: the large surfaces form flowing transitions to create an organic and well-proportioned whole. The new rear window design ensures a clear view to the rear and even more light in the interior. The Mercedes star positioned below the divided rear window in the new Sprinter underlines the vehicle's self-assured appearance.

Thanks to further individualisation options, the Sprinter can also be adapted to meet further expectations with respect to external appearance and impression. The choice of radiator grilles comprises the classic, black grille with or without a surround in the vehicle colour, a visually upgraded variant with chrome-plated louvres and a purely white radiator grille for subsequent painting. The bumpers and other mounted parts can also be perfectly adapted to the individual fleet. There is also a choice of four ex factory paint finishes in the vehicle colour for the front and rear bumpers.

The interior: dramatic contrasts and a harmonious overall impression

The interior also follows the design philosophy of "sensual purity". Characteristic features include the contrast between the gentle, emotional yet clear lines along the larger surface areas in the cockpit, as well as technically and visually precise details such as the air vents or the MBUX multimedia system. The centre of the instrument panel is then symbolic embodiment of this. Depending on the equipment variant, this is where the air vents, controls and touchscreens are located.

The contrast between warm dark grey and glossy black surfaces, plus the use of high-grade materials and highlights in silver shadow, lend a special ambience to the interior and underline the extraordinarily high perceived value.

Reducing the joints makes the Sprinter appear to be" cast from a single mould", while the surfaces and different materials optimally suit the form and function of the components to create a harmonious overall impression.