Mercedes-Benz's involvement in fashion at the Hyères festival: 33rd International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères

Apr 30, 2018

Stuttgart. In Hyères, southern France, from 26 to 30 April 2018, the fashion scene came together for the "33rd International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères". This prestigious competition for talented young designers, with ten entrants in each category, attracted talent scouts and fashion experts from all over the world. Mercedes-Benz has supported the Hyères festival as part of its international fashion activities since 2012, and this year presented the showrooms "The Shortlisted" in the Fashion category and "The Formers" with exhibits by contestants of earlier years.

As in previous years, Mercedes-Benz is inviting the winner of the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision or of the Chloé Prize in "The Shortlisted" category to show his/her collection at the MBFW Berlin in July 2018. This sponsorship for a talented young designer is part of the company's International Designer Exchange Program.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz presented the future vision of CEO and Hypebeast founder Kevin Ma on the topic of "Progression" as part of the #WeWonder Fashion Story. In a workshop, moderated by Caroline Issa, for and together with the designers of the showroom "The Formers", Kevin Ma, Arby Li (Editor-in-Chief Hypebeast) and Kevin Wong (Creative Director Hypebeast) examined how a global fashion brand can be successfully established, given credibility and kept in the forefront in the long term. Particular emphasis was given to the technologies and channels that will be the key to success in the future. Together they creatively produced a vision of the future driven by growth.

"It has been my pleasure to visit the Festival in Hyeres - supporting emerging design talent is one of the reasons that I was proud to take part in the #WeWonder fashion story. It’s been great to see the creativity and excitement associated with the Formers and the Shortlisted showrooms with Mercedes-Benz. I feel privileged to have been able to talk with them about my theme ‘ Progression’, and hope that it has helped inspire the contestants to think innovatively about how to build their brands in the future."

In April each year, villa Noialles in Hyères is transformed into a meeting place for art, fashion, music and creativity. Ten designers in each of the categories - fashion, fashion accessories and photography - present their work in an exhibition and in a fashion show, submitting their extraordinary creations to the jury of acclaimed experts. The competition is accompanied by workshops, screenings, performances and parties.

The chairman of the jury for Fashion in "The Shortlisted" was Haider Ackermann. Ackermann and the other jury members – among them Vanessa Schindler, whom Mercedes-Benz invited to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) in Berlin as the winner of the 2017 Grand Prix - had a choice between eight ladies' fashion and two men's fashion designers:

Sarah Bruylant, ladies' fashion, Belgium

Ela Fidalgo, ladies' fashion, Spain

Anna Isoniemi, ladies' fashion, Finland

Linda Kokkonen, ladies' fashion, Finland

Marie-Eve Lecavalier, ladies' fashion, Canada

Ester Manas, ladies' fashion, France

Jef Montes, ladies' fashion, Netherlands

Regina Weber, ladies' fashion, Germany

Rushemy Botter, men's fashion, Netherlands

Antonia Sedakova, men's fashion, Russia

The chairman of the jury for fashion accessories was Christelle Kocher, Creative Director of Atelier Lemarié, with a choice of the following candidates:

Sari Räthel & Riccarda Wolf, jewellery, Germany

Claire O’Keefe & Eugenia Oliva, jewellery, Spain Ildar Wafin, jewellery, Finland

Kate Fichard, Flora Fixy & Julia Dessirier, jewellery, France

Cécile Gray, jewellery, France

Jinah Jung, bags, South Korea

Sara Emilie Terp Hansen, bags, Denmark

Ludovic Leger, bags, France

Inès Bressand, bags, France

Romain Delamart & Flora Langlois, scarves, France

#WeWonder Fashion Story

In 2018 Mercedes-Benz launched the next stage of its #mbcollective fashion story, entitled #WeWonder, a manifesto, which brings together six of the world’s most innovative and inspiring visionaries to dream about the potentiality of the future. A future in which Mercedes-Benz is pursuing a holistic approach as part of the EQ brand family which includes the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ, presented as an integral part of our everyday lives. This #mbcollective - featuring designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, artistic director Hans Ulrich Obrist, Hypebeast founder Kevin Ma, writer, curator and social activist Kimberly Drew, fashion model Slick Woods and musician Solange Knowles - marks the next step in Mercedes-Benz’ global fashion engagement and will be released through individual activations throughout 2018. Kimberly Drew hosted a panel talk on her chosen topic of Equity at the me Convention at SXSW in Austin in March. Slick Woods hosted an unplugged session about her chosen theme Youth with Lion Babe and SoSuperSam during Coachella in Palm Springs in April.

Mercedes-Benz International Designer Exchange Program (IDEP)

As part of its global involvement in fashion, for over eight years Mercedes-Benz has supported young, talented fashion designers with the Mercedes-Benz Designer Exchange Program. It offers designers a unique opportunity to present their collections outside their home markets to an international audience.

The International Designer Exchange Program set up in 2009 is currently represented on over 60 fashion platforms supported by Mercedes-Benz, including Milan, Berlin, Prague and Istanbul. It is often accompanied by an award programme set up by Mercedes-Benz. An expert jury decides who wins the prizes. Mercedes-Benz is committed to promoting and accompanying promising design talents, and the International Designer Exchange Program underpins this brand commitment. 

Exclusive looks behind the scenes of Mercedes-Benz fashion activities are available on Instagram under @MercedesBenzFashion.

Impressions of the Mercedes-Benz's involvement in fashion at the Hyères festival 2018
Impressions of the Mercedes-Benz's involvement in fashion at the Hyères festival 2018
Impressions of the Mercedes-Benz's involvement in fashion at the Hyères festival 2018
Impressions of the Mercedes-Benz's involvement in fashion at the Hyères festival 2018
Impressions of  the Mercedes-Benz's involvement in fashion at the Hyères festival 2018; Kevin Ma
Impressions of  the Mercedes-Benz's involvement in fashion at the Hyères festival 2018; Kevin Ma