Mercedes-EQ and Riot Games present “Making of” the Championship Ring

Mercedes-EQ and Riot Games present “Making of” the Championship Ring

Nov 3, 2021

Documentary shows the creation process of the new League of Legends World Championship Ring.

Stuttgart/Reykjavík.  Shortly before the highlight of the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2021 for short), Mercedes-EQ and Riot Games provide an insight into the design and development process of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship Ring. The project was launched under the motto ‘Not another championship ring’. The jointly produced short-form documentary shows the creative process starting with initial sketches to first prototypes to the completion of the rings. These specially-designed rings will be presented to the winning team after the Trophy Ceremony presented exclusively by Mercedes‑EQ. The ring will be a new keepsake recognizing each team member’s unique achievement and will remain with the League of Legends pro as an eternal mark of their success. The documentary can be viewed on the LoL Esports YouTube channel.

At the luxury car manufacturer, the design of the ring was the responsibility of the team led by Steffen Köhl, Head of Advanced Exterior Design at Mercedes-Benz. “The beginning of the design process for such an extraordinary ring is comparable to the design of a Mercedes-Benz model. At the outset, there is still a white sheet of paper and a pen in one’s hand – what follows is a classic creative process by way of numerous sketches,” explains Steffen Köhl. “We immediately knew that we didn’t want to design just another championship ring. It should come to be something iconic. And that’s exactly what we achieved together with Riot Games.”

The documentary reveals how the real and the digital world merge over the course of the ring’s creation: after weeks of design development and many sketches, the first CGI data are generated. With the help of a 3D printer, physical prototypes can be produced. These models are then refined in a constant exchange with Riot Games and perfected until the final design was achieved.

The Championship Ring marks the culmination of Mercedes-EQ’s activations at Worlds 2021. “Becoming a World Champion is the highest achievement in League of Legends, one recognized and revered by our community across every corner of the world. Thanks to Mercedes-EQ, this year’s winners will go home not only with the highest honor and recognition in our sport, but with a unique, personalized piece commemorating their mastery and excellence across the 2021 season," says Naz Aletaha, Global Head of LoL Esports.

Following on from the launch of the EQS, the ‘Exceed the game, unleash the future’ campaign combines the progressive presentation of Mercedes-EQ’s new top model with a futuristic world. The commercial shows that it is the love of the game that drives the champions – not the prize at stake. It also demonstrates the characteristics of champions: they are competitive, but they don’t forget to laugh at themselves and prove to enjoy the game. Esports is a culture with its own music, its own habits, its own language and the possibility to make it to the top. Everyone who watches the commercial has a chance to become a champion. The 30‑second spot can be watched on the global Worlds broadcast and on various social media platforms.

In addition, Mercedes-EQ is offering the global fan community of LoL Esports the chance to win 500 Hextech Chests – digital items in Mercedes-EQ design that can be redeemed in the League of Legends game – with its digital activation “Worlds Challenge” on every Worlds match day. Particularly loyal fans of the challenge also have the chance to reward themselves with an additional giveaway: Mercedes-EQ has put together 20 merchandise packages containing numerous exclusive items from the limited Worlds 2021 edition, which will be sent to the lucky winners from around the world after the tournament.