Suspension and tyres: Glass-fibre reinforced plastic springs for maximum payload, rear air suspension for maximum travelling comfort

Feb 6, 2018
  • Modular suspension system meets all conceivable transport needs and comfort requirements
  • High load compensation minimises body roll on bends
  • Single tyres enter the five tonne class

Transporting bulk goods near the payload limit, or maximum travelling comfort for as many passengers as possible: the new Sprinter meets a wide range of different transport needs with a further extended modular suspension system. Specific packages perfectly tailored to the requirements of customers and the expected operating profile also honour the brand's promise of agile handling characteristics, maximum comfort and the highest safety standards in the large van segment.

Level control system for convenient loading and access

If ride comfort is right at the top of the priority list, the rear air suspension in models with 3.5 and four tonnes permissible gross vehicle weight is the best choice. This newly introduced ex factory feature in conjunction with rear or all-wheel drive is supplemented with a level control system which allows the vehicle to be lowered for easier loading and unloading or comfortable access and egress. Compared to the preceding model, it also significantly improves ride comfort and reliability.

Specially configured suspensions for camper vans and vehicles carrying extremely high loads impress with a minimised roll angle when cornering – a major factor for driving safety and controllable handling. Camper vans with high, wide bodies and a high centre of gravity particularly benefit from this further technical development of the suspension. Practically no rolling motion is now noticeable when entering and leaving the vehicle.

Less weight, more payload and no corrosion

Steel springs at the rear axle can be optionally replaced with leaf springs of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The technology available for front and rear-wheel drive reduces the overall vehicle weight, thereby allowing a payload increase of up to 12 kilograms. The progressive spring rate with special extension leaf springs is corrosion-free and ensures a high level of ride comfort irrespective of the load carried. In this way Mercedes-Benz Vans is once again demonstrating its innovative leadership.

Summer tyres with optimised rolling resistance lower fuel consumption

A high payload in combination with optimum handling characteristics, maximum safety and comfort also makes very severe demands on the tyres. The summer tyres with reduced rolling resistance now used by Mercedes-Benz Vans as standard in Europe also help to lower fuel consumption. All-season tyres specially developed for camper vans with their long idle times are available for the first time. Also new, and unique in this segment, are the optional single tyres at the rear axle for vehicles with five tonnes permissible gross vehicle weight. Compared to twin tyres, these reduce the installation space required at the rear axle, allowing better loading with a considerably larger loading width and/or more variable equipment of the vehicle.