The lighting: Maximum light yield without dazzling

Sep 8, 2015
Apart from their distinctive look, the LED high-performance headlamps (optional extra) offer added safety at night thanks to their broad light distribution and a colour temperature approximating daylight.
The A-Class comes optionally equipped with LED high-performance headlamps. Their colour temperature is closer to that of daylight than xenon headlamps, for example. This means reduced eye strain for the driver. The 34-watt LED low-beam headlamps also have very low energy consumption – around 60 percent less than xenon and around 70 percent less than halogen. This means that it is possible to save up to 0.05 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres or 2.1 grams of CO2 per kilometre, compared with a vehicle with halogen low-beam headlamps.
The low-beam headlamps use LED projection technology, while the main-beam headlamps use LED reflection technology. Direction indicators, daytime running lamps and position lights are in the form of a multifunctional fibre-optic cable, which is also used for the "Coming Home" function. As all lights use LED technology, there is never a need to change a bulb over the entire service life of the vehicle.
The A-Class feature partial LED tail lamps as standard, which in addition to improved visibility also offer a distinctive light design at night. Full LED tail lamps are installed in conjunction with the LED high-performance headlamps. The reversing light and the turn indicator are located in the middle section (inside to outside), the tail light is positioned above and below it, and the brake light is all the way at the top. The rear fog lamp is positioned in the lower section. Mercedes-Benz also uses LEDs for the licence plate lamps and the third brake light.
In addition to offering an impressive light signet, the LED brake lights also play a significant role in road safety. Their faster response (0.010 seconds - conventional incandescent bulbs 0.160 seconds) provides earlier warning to drivers following behind. The reduction in the response time by 0.15 seconds translates into a stopping distance from 100 km/h shortened by 4.2 metres.
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