The new EQE under the magnifying glass: Active Ambient Lighting

Sep 5, 2021

The Active Ambient Lighting (optional extra) in the interior makes it possible to experience which electric driving mode the EQE is currently in: driving, boosting and recuperation are impressively staged with the help of over 100 LEDs. In addition, Active Ambient Lighting is integrated into the driving assistance systems and can visually support their warnings. Colour feedback is possible when operating the climate control system or the 'Hey Mercedes' voice assistant, for instance. The ENERGIZING COMFORT programs are also visually supported.

The light band of the Active Ambient Lighting, comprising over 100 LEDs, is located above the louvre trim element. Along the doors it continues into the rear. When switched off, a matt white line is visible. When Active Ambient Lighting is switched on, a clearly defined strip of light appears as if from nowhere - an extraordinary experience even during the day.

The individual light sources, which are controlled in real time, stage fluid presentations. For example, the welcome scenario shows a running light when entering the vehicle. Within the luminous line, different colour gradients are possible in addition to the 64 individual colours. This makes electric driving a visual experience, too: driving, boosting and recuperation as well as the different charging states of the EQE are impressively staged.

As an additional contribution to accident prevention, Active Ambient Lighting integrates driving assistance systems and supports them with an animation. Active Brake Assist, for example, warns drivers of the risk of a collision by illuminating the instrument panel in red. With Active Blind Spot Assist, a red light in the door also signals a hazardous situation.

The MBUX voice assistant also comes to life visually and recognises the position of the person speaking. Active Ambient Lighting signals, for example, that the system is waiting for a voice input.

Active Ambient Lighting is also integrated into the ENERGIZING COMFORT programs. In the Warmth program, for example, the perceptible warmth of the seat, steering wheel and surface heating is accompanied by warm orange-red animations of screen and ambient lighting. In the Vitality program, Active Ambient Lighting radiates a pink-red lighting mood throughout the interior.