The new Mercedes-AMG SL: the driving modes

Oct 28, 2021

The six AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes "Slippery", "Comfort", "Sport", "Sport +", "Individual" and "RACE" (RACE driving mode standard on S 63 4MATIC+, included in the optional AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package on the SL 55 4MATIC+) enable a wide spread of vehicle characteristics from comfortable to dynamic.

Numerous relevant parameters are modified:

  • Powertrain: Accelerator pedal characteristic, shift times and shift timing in the variants Reduced, Moderate, Sport or Dynamic
  • AMG DYNAMICS: Agilisation functions such as all-wheel control, all-wheel drive, steering characteristics and ESP®; additional functions in Basic, Advanced, Pro or Master setting
  • Exhaust system: sound and nature of the sound functions, Balanced or Powerful
  • Suspension: in Comfort, Sport, Sport+

The individual driving modes offer an individual driving experience, precisely tailored to different driving conditions and driver preferences:

  • "Slippery": optimal tuning for slippery and icy road conditions with reduced power application and flat torque curve. Smooth gear changes and earlier upshifting support the driving impression characterised by stability.
  • "Comfort": comfortable and fuel-efficient driving, e.g. thanks to very early upshifts. Suspension and steering are set up for an emphasis on comfort. In addition, the ECO start/stop function is active here.
  • "Sport": sporty character through more agile response to accelerator pedal commands, shortened shift times, earlier downshifts and the emotionalisation of gear changes through throttle blipping. A more dynamic suspension and steering set-up.
  • "Sport+": extremely sporty characteristics thanks to an even more agile throttle response, increased acoustic emphasis on throttle blipping during downshifts as well as selective torque control on upshifts with cylinder suppression for optimal shift times. Increased idle speed for faster starting. An even more dynamic set-up for suspension, steering and powertrain.
  • "RACE" (standard on SL 63 4MATIC+, optional as part of the AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package on SL 55 4MATIC+): for highly dynamic driving on cordoned-off race tracks. In this mode, all the parameters are configured for maximum performance.
  • "Individual": makes it possible to select and store individual parameters according to personal preferences. In addition, gliding mode is also available in the "Reduced" and "Moderate" drive settings.

AMG DYNAMICS: more agility with high stability

As a feature of the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes, the SL models have AMG DYNAMICS. This integrated vehicle dynamics control expands the stabilising functions of ESP® with agilising interventions in the all-wheel drive control, the steering characteristic, the control of the variable all-wheel drive system and in ESP® additional functions. When cornering at speed, for example, brief braking intervention at the inner rear wheel generates a defined yawing motion around the vertical axis for responsive and precise entry into the bend. The spectrum ranges from extremely stable to highly dynamic.

The AMG DYNAMICS symbol with the corresponding suffix is shown on the multimedia display when the driving modes are selected.

  • "Basic" is assigned to the "Slippery" and "Comfort" driving modes. Here, the roadsters exhibit very stable handling with high yaw damping.
  • "Advanced" is activated in "Sport" mode. The SL models remain neutrally balanced. The lower yaw damping, lower steering angle requirement and enhanced agility support dynamic manoeuvres such as driving on winding country roads.
  • "Pro" (short for "Professional") belongs to the "Sport+" program. In "Pro" the driver receives even more assistance for dynamic driving manoeuvres while agility and feedback from the road when cornering are further enhanced.
  • "Master" is coupled with the "RACE" driving mode (standard on SL 63 4MATIC+, optional as part of the AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package on SL 55 4MATIC+): "Master" mode is aimed at drivers who want to experience dynamism and driving enjoyment on cordoned-off circuits. "Master" offers a vehicle balance with slight oversteer, a low steering angle requirement and more agile steering. In this way, "Master" ensures maximum agility and fully exploits the dynamic potential. To activate "Master" mode, the driver must use the separate button in the centre console to switch ESP® to ESP® SPORT handling mode or ESP® OFF.

In the "Individual" driving mode, drivers can set the AMG DYNAMICS levels "Basic", "Advanced", "Pro" and "Master" themselves.