The new Mercedes-Benz Citan: the equipment

Oct 20, 2021

Travelling to the building site early in the morning, driving through tricky stop-start traffic, or providing shuttle services – as a driver of a small van, you know your working day can be hard-going. But thankfully, the Mercedes-Benz Citan developers placed great emphasis on achieving a level of comfort typical of the brand, including exemplary noise levels and seating comfort, not to mention a range of practical equipment items. And this doesn't just help drivers' health, but is also particularly beneficial to safety: relaxed drivers can concentrate better on the traffic situation. What's more, the vehicle is also equipped with comfort equipment familiar from passenger cars, including THERMOTRONIC, KEYLESS-GO starting function[1] and the electric parking brake1.

Low wind noise makes a great contribution towards comfort and safety alike. Conversations and calls on the hands-free system are much more pleasant, and the general load on longer or regular journeys is reduced. Among the aero-acoustic measures are much thicker glazing compared with that of the predecessor, comprehensive insulation and a second seal level in the doors. Particularly in the area of the sliding door(s), the Citan is very quiet in the segment comparison.

The engineering outlay was also high in terms of the seats. They use high-quality materials and an ergonomic seating concept with appropriately shaped foam and great lateral support. There's a big choice available: even just the driver's seat of the Panel Van is available in four different versions, including especially comfortable seats which come with longitudinal, height and seat backrest inclination adjustment. On the Tourer, the lumbar support can be electrically adjusted. Upon request, seat heating is also available. In short, the vehicle thus gives drivers a comfortable workplace for carrying out their daily tasks.

Further optional convenience equipment familiar from the passenger car division are THERMOTRONIC two-zone automatic climate control, the electric parking brake1 and the multifunction steering wheel. In combination with MBUX, the latter comes with Touch Control buttons and optionally even with steering wheel heating[2].

As an option, a wireless charging system for compatible smartphones is also available. The corresponding surface for inductive charging is inside the stowage compartment in the centre console. On the seven-inch touchscreen, details about the charging process will be shown. Wireless charging is possible for all mobile phones which support the so-called Qi standard.

BASE and PRO: the two equipment lines

The Panel Van and Tourer will also be available in the BASE and PRO equipment lines. The PRO variant features visual enhancements and even greater functionality. In comparison with the BASE models, the Citan PRO has door handles and sliding door strip covers painted in body colour. The interior and the load compartment are illuminated using LED light technology. As standard, this equipment variant brings with it a sliding door on the right-hand side (for left-hand-drive vehicles), height-adjustable driver's seat, air conditioning and power windows at the front with comfort function. On the Panel Van PRO, the load compartment is equipped with plastic flooring.

Mercedes-Benz key: upon request with convenient KEYLESS-GO functions1

Two KEYLESS-GO special equipment options are available:

  • With the KEYLESS-GO starting function, you can comfortably start the Citan without having to use the ignition key. The engine starts as soon as the Start-Stop button is operated while the clutch or brake pedal (manual or automatic transmission, respectively) is depressed. This is located in the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel.
  • KEYLESS-GOalso enables keyless access into the vehicle: If the electronic key is located in close proximity to the vehicle (in a radius of approx. one metre), the on-board electronics of the vehicle communicate with the key via aerials. If the codes match, the vehicle detects its owner and unlocks. Another advantage: the Citan cannot be locked if the electronic key is located in the vehicle. You can only lock the vehicle actively using the key or by pressing the button on the door handle of the driver's or co-driver's door.

Something for every purpose: equipment packages

In all, ten equipment packages enable the Citan and Citan Tourer to be personalised in accordance with the specific field of operation. There are plenty of options: while the Construction Site Package[3] provides commercial customers with higher ground clearance, underbody protection and mud flaps, the Interior Design Package is aimed more at customers who have an eye for high-quality interior details. As part of this, chrome elements are used on the air vents, speakers and door handles, for example. In the instrument panel support, there is a trim element in high-gloss black.

And when it comes to manoeuvring, there are two Parking Packages available to choose from:

  • Rear Parking Package: this system provides assistance when parking in spaces in reverse and is particularly practical in the closed Panel Van. Ultrasonic sensors and a camera in the handle of the tailgate or rear doors monitor the traffic situation behind the vehicle. From a distance of 60 centimetres to detected objects, a multi-stage audible and visual warning is initiated. The reversing camera is activated as soon as reverse gear is engaged. The image from the camera covers an area of around three metres behind the vehicle. Horizontal and vertical lines can help the driver to assess distances and the vehicle's own width. It also facilitates reversing up to a trailer drawbar. On the Citan without MBUX, the camera image is shown in the inside rearview mirror, otherwise it will be shown on the MBUX central display.
  • Parking Package: Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC isn't just in a position to locate parking spaces, it can also help you to park in or leave them. In doing so, it also aids with the steering. Parking spaces perpendicular to the road can be used either forwards or in reverse, while parallel parking spaces can only be entered in reverse. If Active Parking Assist was used to park in a space, it can also be used to leave that space. PARKTRONIC also offers side impact protection which can detect and warn you about obstacles to the side of the vehicle

[1] Expected to be available from the second quarter of 2022

[2] Heating function expected to be available from the third quarter of 2022

[3] Expected to be available from the third quarter of 2022