Under the microscope: "ENERGY SPACE" - Double floor

Oct 20, 2014
B 200 Natural Gas and B-Class Electric Drive feature the "ENERGY SPACE" modular bodyshell concept of the B-Class.
Thanks to the "ENERGY SPACE" modular concept, the B-Class was designed from the start with the need to accommodate alternative drive systems in mind: various interface points in the bodyshell make it possible to modify the main floor for the versions with alternative drive and to exploit use of a partial double floor beneath the rear bench seat.
This underfloor area houses one large and two smaller natural gas tanks (B 200 Natural Gas) or the lithium-ion battery (B-Class Electric Drive). Due to this intelligent packaging method, the five-seater model has been able to retain the generously proportioned luggage compartment for which it is known.
In order to accommodate the lithium-ion high-voltage battery or the natural gas tanks in the underfloor area, the suspension has been specially adapted and raised compared with the B-Class models with combustion engine - in the case of the B-Class Electric Drive by 40 mm at the front and 43 mm at the rear, and in the case of the B-Class Natural Gas Drive by 37 mm both front and rear.
B-Class Electric Drive (W 242)
B-Class Natural Gas Drive (W 242)