Under the microscope: MAGIC VISION CONTROL adaptive windscreen cleaning system: Clear view as if by magic

Mar 10, 2017

Amazing to watch: the wiper blade moves across the heavily soiled windscreen, there is no washer water to be seen, the vehicle occupants notice nothing and the windscreen is suddenly clean – as if by magic. This is the highly efficient, adaptive wash/wipe system MAGIC VISION CONTROL developed by Mercedes-Benz. The system cleans the windscreen without the splash of water that usually briefly impairs the driver’s field of view in the case of conventional windscreen washing systems.

Although the spray of water is invisible, the E-Class Coupé likewise uses conventional washer fluid for a clear view. The way in which it reaches the windscreen is however unusual. It is done by integrated water ducts on both sides of wiper blade, with fine, laser-bored spray holes. Depending on the movement direction of the wiper blade, it means that this innovative wash/wipe system always directs the fluid unobtrusively and very efficiently where it is required – on the windscreen, directly ahead of the wiper lip. The outlet holes are spread over the entire length of the wiper blade and are closer together on the outside than they are on the inside, because the outside of the wipers have to wipe and clean a larger area.

Programmes for summer and winter driving

The Mercedes-Benz MAGIC VISION CONTROL system is the world's first wash/wipe system to be intelligently controlled by semi-automated washer programmes. In the summer, smaller quantities of water are required to remove light dust. In the winter, more water is needed to remove soiling mixed with road salt. The system operates according to the outside temperature, and adaptively adjusts the amount of water to suit the conditions and the driver's cleaning requirements.

The MAGIC VISION CONTROL wiper blades of the E-Class Coupé are fully heated. This makes Mercedes-Benz the first manufacturer worldwide to offer a fully heated wash/wipe system. It consists of a washer fluid reservoir heated by coolant residual heat, electric heating for the entire hose system and a fully heated wiper blade. In winter this effectively prevents snow from sticking to the wiper blades. The blade's two spring rails are each equipped with a heater foil with an output of 40 watts per blade, which heats the spoiler and the wiper lip. This also keeps the wiper blade flexible in winter, for optimum cleaning effect.

The heating is also operated on demand, depending on the activation period and the outside temperature. In very low temperatures the system switches to its maximum output of 200 watts. In temperatures to under plus five degrees Celsius, the heating operates in energy-saving mode and only delivers the output necessary to thaw and keep the cleaning system clear.