• Stuttgart, May 31, 2022 - Mercedes-Benz today laid the symbolic foundation for a new centre of competence for the research and development of future generations of batteries and battery cells at a ceremony on the site of its main plant in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim.
  • Stuttgart, Mar 23, 2021 - Mercedes-Benz has started producing high-performance batteries for its all-electric luxury EQS at its Stuttgart-Hedelfingen plant, as part of the Untertürkheim location in Germany, ahead of the sedan’s world premiere on April 15, 2021.
  • Stuttgart, Mar 12, 2021 - Anyone moving around Stuttgart's city centre, will also see the 56-metre-high railway station tower with the revolving Mercedes-Benz star, along with other well-known landmarks. Since its erection there in 1952, it has represented the car brand steeped in tradition.
  • Stuttgart, Mar 5, 2021 - Untertürkheim to become a technology competence centre with a campus focusing clearly on electric drive and battery technology, including the production of lithium-ion cells.
  • Stuttgart, Dec 12, 2019 - In the transformation process towards electric mobility, Mercedes-Benz Cars is taking another important step into the future. After intensive negotiations, the management and works council of the Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim plant in Germany have reached an agreement:
  • Stuttgart, Apr 5, 2019 - With the symbolic foundation laying ceremony for the first battery factory, the Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim plant is advancing its transformation into a high-tech location for electric mobility. The new battery factory at the Brühl sub-plant is an important component in the global battery production network within the production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars comprising a total of nine battery factories at seven locations on three continents.
  • Stuttgart, Jul 13, 2017 - The Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim plant will be further developed into a high-tech location for electric components, thus offering employees good prospects in the coming era of electric mobility.
  • Stuttgart, Feb 14, 2017 - Mercedes-Benz is taking the next step in the modernisation of Untertürkheim, the lead plant for the powertrain production worldwide.
  • Stuttgart, Mar 18, 2015 - Daimler is comprehensively modernizing the Mercedes-Benz plant in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, and is transforming the location with its rich history into a center of competence for production ranging from highly efficient engines to alternative drive systems. At the same time, the company is investing about one billion euros in Untertürkheim this year. The plant’s management and its works council have agreed on a package of measures that will safeguard the location's competitive position and employment levels for years to come.
  • Stuttgart, Jan 31, 2014 - The prize winners of the architectural competition for the expansion of the Mercedes-Benz World in Stuttgart were announced today. The architectural firm of REX, located in New York, convinced the 18-member jury with its overall concept and was elected as winner of the competition.
  • Stuttgart/Affalterbach, Mar 4, 2013 - It's no secret that the international pop superstar Usher is a self-proclaimed fan of Mercedes-Benz and its high-performance brand AMG. He is excited to visit Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach on 4 March 2013. Once there the multiple Grammy Award winner will be assembling the final parts on the V8 AMG engine in his new SLS AMG himself, and will also enjoy the exclusive opportunity to try out the brand-new A 45 AMG on the test track. Following on from this visit he will also be attending the official world premiere of this first compact car from AMG, which is to be celebrated at the Geneva Motor Show.