V-Class concept car with a PLUG-IN HYBRID drive: Mercedes-Benz Concept V ision e - Higher Performance at Lower CO2 Emissions

Mar 3, 2015
The Concept V‑ision e from Mercedes-Benz presents a preview of the great variety of development potential offered by the V-Class. The concept vehicle combines environmentally friendly performance with the lightness of modern luxury. The most advanced PLUG-IN HYBRID technology available ensures extremely powerful propulsion in the model, as the highly efficient drive-system duo consisting of a gasoline engine and an electric motor delivers total system output of 245 kW (333 hp) and system torque of up to 600 Nm. This guarantees sporty driving performance, even as rated fuel consumption amounts to less than 3.0 liters per 100 km. The vehicle can travel up to 50 km in the all-electric mode, making short daily trips a locally emission-free delight. The interior of the Concept V‑ision e offers a unique feeling of comfort in a modern loft-like atmosphere. The biggest panoramic sliding roof in the mid-size-van segment floods the spacious interior with light. In combination with bright white appointments and a brown real-wood floor, this creates a previously unattained feeling of expansiveness, freedom, and lightness. Additional possibilities for personalizing the V‑Class are offered by numerous new comfort features, such as rear executive seats with calf support, a massage function, and footrests, as well as a large center console with thermal cup holders and a five-liter cooler.
“The Concept V‑ision e demonstrates the potential the Mercedes among MPVs will offer in the future when it comes to accommodating our customers’ wishes - and market demand - by offering greater exclusivity and more personalization options,” says Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans. “Our pioneering Mercedes‑B enz PLUG-IN HYBRID technology has enabled us to increase the output of the most powerful V‑Class at the moment by 105 kW, even as we’ve lowered fuel consumption to the level of a compact. That’s what I call forward-looking performance enhancement.”
PLUG-IN HYBRID: Sporty performance at the highest level of efficiency
The Concept V‑ision e utilizes the same advanced drive system that ensures the extraordinary dynamic handling and efficiency in the new Mercedes-Benz C 350 e. Its four-cylinder gasoline engine has an output of 155 kW (210 hp) and develops a maximum torque of 350 Nm, while the electric motor delivers 90 kW and 340 Nm of torque. This results in a system output of 245 kW (333 hp) and a system torque of up to 600 Nm. The Concept V‑i sion e sprints from 0–100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, which makes this hybrid even faster out of the box than the current V 250 BlueTEC top engine variant - and more than well equipped to overtake other vehicles quickly. The model’s top speed is 206 km/h. Its NEDC fuel consumption of 3.0 liters per 100 km corresponds to CO2  emissions of 71 g per km. The MPV concept can travel up to 50 km in the all-electric mode if driven at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. This means that short daily trips to work, for example, can be driven completely emission free, which offers a major environmental benefit in cities especially.
Energy for the electric motor is stored in a high-voltage lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 13.5 kWh. The battery is installed in a paneled sheet steel housing in the trunk. Because of the spaciousness of the V‑Class, the battery has only a minor effect on the vehicle’s cargo volume and the versatility of the interior. The high-voltage battery can be recharged using an external power source and thus makes a very effective contribution to the model’s low fuel consumption and emissions. An intelligent onboard charging system enables the battery to be recharged in less than two hours using a wallbox or a public charging station (400 V, 7.2 kW, single-phase). The battery can also be recharged via any normal household outlet. The charging time here amounts to approximately five hours, depending on the type of connection used (230 V, 13 A, 3.0 kW, single-phase).
The vehicle’s intelligent drive-system management program automatically selects the ideal combination of combustion engine and electric motor. The range of options here includes a nearly silent electrical start (silent start), use of the electric motor to support the gasoline engine during acceleration, for example (boost), and energy recovery (recuperation) during braking and when the vehicle is coasting. All recovered energy is stored in the battery and can later be used for electric driving or for the boost function. Drivers can also manage hybrid interaction manually, in which case they can choose from four different modes that can be selected using a switch. The modes are: Hybrid (all hybrid functions are available), E-Mode (all-electric driving), E-Save (the battery’s charge level is maintained), and Charge (the battery is charged while driving). A display in the center of the instrument cluster shows the current mode.
The hybrid vehicle is also equipped with an electrically operated air conditioning compressor and electrical heating components that ensure a pleasantly cool interior in the summer and comfortable heat in the winter. The desired interior climate can be preprogrammed along with a departure time using buttons on the steering wheel or a menu in the instrument cluster. As is the case with the C 350 e, it will be possible in the future to use the website at http://connect.mercedes.me to enter climate settings and battery recharging parameters in advance and also remotely call up data on the battery-charge state and the current all-electric range of the vehicle.
Dynamic exterior with sporty styling
The extraordinary handling and efficiency of the high-tech hybrid drive system is underscored by the exterior design of the Concept V‑ision e, which features impressive paintwork and sporty-aerodynamic styling. The concept vehicle has a designo titanium alubeam paint, which on the one hand lends the exterior a cool and technical look. At the same time, however, special high-quality pigments create fascinating color-tone nuances and shadow effects, depending on the incidence of light outside.
The model’s dynamic styling also creates a lasting impression with sporty side skirts and bumpers, a rear spoiler, and multi-spoke 20-inch wheels with a high-sheen polish, all of which give the V‑Class a distinctly athletic and agile look.
Loft-like interior: The lightness of modern luxury
The interior of the Concept V‑i sion e brings to mind the atmosphere of a modern loft - sun-drenched luxurious spaciousness. Virtually the entire roof of the vehicle is made of glass. The 2.14 m² panoramic sliding sunroof is the biggest in the mid-size van segment and lets an extraordinary amount of light into the interior. In combination with bright white appointments that seem to float above the contrasting dark floor made of English walnut, the roof creates an incomparable feeling of expansiveness, freedom, and lightness.
The Concept V‑ision e interior shines in white nappa leather and white DINAMICA microfiber material that extend from the seats to the doors, side paneling, instrument cluster, and roof liner. A fresh impression is made by colored piping, seams, and fabric trimmings made of ultra-modern micro-fiber fabrics, as well as a large brushed aluminum trim element on the instrument cluster. This modern and elegant design style is rounded out by discreet ambient lighting on the side interior walls. The lighting system has five dimmer settings, and its three color tones of neutral (white), solar (amber), and polar (ice-blue) allow for a personalized lighting mood. The vehicle’s color and material concept, and its ambient lighting, create a sense of exceptionally high value and quality, which in combination with the V‑Class’ progressive design idiom brings modern luxury in all of its lightness to life.
Panoramic sliding sunroof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL feature
The 1.92 x 1.12-m panoramic sliding sunroof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL is divided into two sections: an electrically operated sliding glass roof in the front and a stationary glass roof in the rear. The MAGIC SKY CONTROL feature makes it possible to switch the entire glass surface to clear or dark with just the push of a button. When clear, the roof is almost completely transparent and lets in light unobstructed to create a feeling of unlimited expansiveness. When the roof is darkened, the amount of light it lets in falls to less than one percent. This can be very beneficial on hot sunny days, since it reduces the heat that accumulates in the interior by as much as 10 degrees Celsius. The panoramic sunroof is also equipped with a two-piece electric roller sunblind that can be used to completely darken the interior. This not only keeps the interior from getting too hot; it also allows the passengers to work comfortably or relax in the back of the vehicle on hot sunny days.
If the roof is open and it starts to rain, a rain sensor causes the panoramic sunroof to move into the tilt position, thereby preventing water from getting into the interior. The roof also automatically closes when the vehicle enters a tunnel in order to ensure pollutant emissions and tunnel odors are kept out of the passenger compartment. The panoramic sunroof and the roller sunblind can be operated with a switch on the roof control panel, as well as via a central switch on the ceiling in the rear.
Executive seats, comfortable tables, and an iPad holder: a comfortable office or a quiet place to relax
Along with the panoramic sliding sunroof, the Concept V‑ision e also includes other new equipment features that make for even greater comfort and more varied personalization options for the V‑Class as a private or business vehicle - and for even more exclusive tastes as well.
The executive seats in the rear offer outstanding additional comfort, especially on longer journeys. As is the case in the S‑Class, these seats are ideal for either concentrated work or relaxation. The push of a button is all it takes to recline the seats into a lying position with an inclination of up to 49 degrees. With their integrated calf supports, separate footrests, and additional pillows, the seats offer the highest degree of sleeping comfort or relaxation when fully reclined. The footrests are located on the seat rails behind the driver and front passenger seats and can be moved back and forth. These footrests also offer comfort to rear passengers when their seats are in the upright position. The steepest backrest angle is 21 degrees. The seats, calf supports, and footrests are all upholstered with white nappa leather. The executive seats are also equipped with a three-stage heating and ventilation system and a relaxing massage feature. All features are controlled via switches on the inside of the armrests. Because the V‑Class interior is so spacious, the executive seats can be combined with standard individual seats or optional seat benches as well. They thus expand the wide variety of seating configuration options in the Mercedes-Benz MPV in a most exclusive way.
The Concept V‑ision e provides a comfortable working environment with two convenient tables integrated into the driver and front-passenger seat backrests that can be easily folded out in the rear. Each of the tables is 35 x 35 cm, which offers sufficient space for documents. The table surfaces are covered in white nappa leather. The front-seat backrests also include a convenient iPad holder and docking station with an integrated charging interface and two USB charging ports. The docking station can be tilted and rotated 90 degrees. All outlets - for example, for headphones - always remain freely accessible, regardless of the docking station’s position.
Convenient operation of roof and seat functions with an iPad app
First-class comfort is also ensured in the Concept V‑ision e when it comes to operating the various features of the panoramic sunroof and the executive seats. Besides the switches inside the vehicle, an iPad app can be used to open and close the sliding sunroof via the MAGIC SKY CONTROL system, as well as to operate the sunblind, adjust seating or reclining positions, and activate the massage, seat heating, and seat ventilation features. The app offers a preview of future possibilities for increasing operating comfort in the rear of the V‑ Class MPV.
Large center console with thermal cup holders, a cooler, and power outlets
Another new feature that benefits both the rear passengers and the driver and front passenger is the large center console. The front of this unit has an upholstered armrest, two cup holders, and a compartment for storing cell phones. Underneath the armrest is a multimedia unit with two USB ports and an SD card slot, as well as a large stowage compartment and a five-liter cooler that can be turned on and off with the push of a button. The cooler offers enough space for two half-liter bottles. The back of the center console has two thermal cup holders for the rear passengers, as well as a 220-V and a 12-V socket, and a stowage area with ambient lighting in three colors.
Concept V‑ision e: The V‑C lass is becoming even more personalized
From its sporty exterior design to its exclusive comfort features and environmentally friendly PLUG-IN HYBRID drive system - the Concept V‑ision e makes it clear that the Mercedes among MPVs offers enormous potential in terms of the versatility required to meet varied customer requirements and wishes. Regardless of whether it’s used as a private vehicle by families and people who participate in a lot of leisure activities, or as a luxury business sedan, the V‑Class will offer even more personalization options in the future. The Concept V‑ision e thus underscores the V‑Class claim of being the ideal vehicle for anyone interested in a spacious model with its very own style - and one that offers the highest degree of comfort and an ultra-modern drive system to power it.